Wholesale Buyer proposal

Kevin and Bill

Enjoy an additional stream of income with minimal investment of time or money!You will never need to take an order! You simply give my business card and the person calls me and I place the order UNDER YOUR I.D. so you can get a kick back! Minimal investment for an additional stream of income!

  • Fee $79 but Rae will pay $20 of that for the catalogs and samples that come with this unless you want those for some reason.
  • Recommended products to start with:
  • Men’s re9 Anti-Aging Skin Care line line x 3
  • Genius pads
  • Instant Lift Gel x3
  • Detoxifying Seasource Face and Body mask
  • Sky for Men Cologne X 3
  • Tea Tree shampoo x 3
  • Scalp Conditioning balm x 3
  • Nutritional packages also available! All vegan, gluten, whey, soy, lactose free!

Recommended package options (these are just options, not mandatory)

Cost breakdown before final tax and shipping is calculated:

3 of each product $768.35 plus $59 $827.35 $100 free gift!

2 of each product $526.55 plus $59 $585.55 $100 free gift!

1 of each product $284.76 plus $59 $284.76 $100 free gift!

Bare Bones $150 product order plus $59 $159.00 $100 free gift!