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24th Edition April 8, 2016

Building Connections Through Communication!

One of the most effective ways to promote student growth academically, behaviorally, and socially is through a partnership that bridges the school and home together. We'd like to share this weekly newsletter to keep families and community members abreast of the amazing happenings at our school and pass on important information that will allow us to maintain a positive connection with our school.
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2016 was a year of record breaking numbers for college applications nationwide. Despite the intense competition, Monomoy seniors have had an unprecedented year in college admissions! Statistics from U.S. World & News Report-2015. **and we are still receiving acceptances, so this chart will grow!

This is a credit to are extremely hard working senior class, their teachers throughout their careers, strong schools/curriculum, caring adults in their lives and amazing parental/guardian support and upbringing. It takes a village, and that village is Monomoy!

Click the link to see this amazing accomplishment:

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Attention Sophomore parents!!

An After Prom meeting will be held on Wednesday, 4/13 from 6:30-7:30PM in the café.

The purpose of this meeting is to close out this years After Prom Committee members and transition new Committee members for next year. New Officers will need to be voted in, along with other important items that need to be addressed.

We look forward to seeing you all at the meeting.

Thank you,

~After Prom Planning Committee

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"5 Quick Things" - Our way of sharing our wonderful faculty & staff with our school community. This week we feature Ms. Kari Flint- Science Department

1. I have been teaching biology for 13 years and I love every minute of it!

2. I lived and taught in Brisbane, Australia for two and a half years.

3. I love to travel and have visited 13 countries so far – Nepal currently tops my list of favorites.

4. My favorite course in college was pathogenic microbiology… fascinating!!!

5. I once went skydiving from 12,000ft over the Remarkables mountain range on the South Island of New Zealand.

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Wellness Class Update

Officer Clarke spent sometime with our 9th grade students discussing drug/alcohol within our community. The students asked many interesting questions and Officer Clarke helped to clarify many of the typical teen issues. The fun part for the kids was wearing the Beer Goggles which distort vision comparative to someone who is intoxicated. Pictures above: L/R: Mr. Houston visiting class, C & E Block classes with Officer Clarke

Our entire school is supporting Mr. Houston as he prepares to run in his 30th Boston marathon on Monday - April 18th. He is running on behalf of the Dana Farber Institute. All of the money collected at the April's teacher Casual for a Cause Breakfast and the Students Cups for a Cause will be donated to Dana Farber.

Follow Mr. Houston throughout his run. His bib number is 61777.

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Wonderful Gift!

Thank you to Elena Neoh, our amazing exchange student from Malaysia for giving Mr. Burkhead a kind card, a small replica of her home country flag and a home made gift in celebration of Peace Week.

thank you Elena!

Mr. Burkhead

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Driver's Education Opportunity: The class runs from April 18th through April 22nd at the Harwich Community Center.

For those who have expressed interest in a driver's education program over spring break, here is the enrollment link for MRHS students:

It gives you access to a special rate of $675. The class runs from April 18th through April 22nd. ~ There are also two other options for the summer, if that works better for your family's schedule. You'll see them in the drop-down menu under "Select Class."

A big thank you goes to Mike at Professional Driving Schools, Inc. for making this available to our Monomoy families!

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Best Buddies Prom - A night for the Stars!

The Best Buddies prom was an extremely fun time for our students. Thank you Best Buddies advisors Ms. Dooley & Ms. Vagenas for all your hard work in organizing the event. A shout out to our Best Buddies that also played a major role:

Meg LEsperance

Bri Stebbins

Lexi Roma

Mia Robinson

And Jenn Keim, who came after playing in a golf tournament all day in Connecticut. She changed into her prom gown and met us at the BB Prom on her way home from Connecticut!!!

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Meg L'Esperance Chatham Rotary Club "Student of the Month" for April- congratulations Meg!!

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Shark "Shout Outs" (SSO's) - MRHS's way of Appreciating the Great People here!

Shark Shout Outs are spreading fast & furious at MRHS. We start every staff meeting with Shout Outs to colleagues and Shout Out to students nominated for student of the month during am announcements. Now, students and Parents are welcome to send in a Shark Shout Out as a token of appreciating other students and staff in the school. Email Mr. Burkhead at, or drop them off to Ms. Hooper in the main office! The enthusiasm is contagious!

I would like to say how thankful I am for my friend Marissa for being the true friend I have always wanted and making me happy when I feel down

Shayne L.

I believe a BIG shout out is in order to Vanessa Morton. She has been my son Marcus' biggest support in school over the past 3 years. What makes Vanessa remarkable is her approach to working with her students. Her assistance and concern doesn't stop with the student. She looks at the family as a whole and is more than a teacher for MARCUS. She has become a tremendous source of courage and strength for me and has on numerous occasions offered unsolicited hope and instilled confidence in me as a parent when I have needed it most. It takes a very special person to recognize the need of, not only one of her students, but a parent of a student, and then to take the next step by reaching out is just so unique. One can't be taught that type of kindness in a classroom. Long after Marcus has moved on from MRHS, I will remember Ms. Morton's positive affirmations and never ending encouragement.

Please recognize Vanessa Morton, she is a gem!

Thank you,

Jocelyn Hemeon

Big shark shout out to Garrett Sherman, Miranda Trieble, Hannah Thatcher, Erin Prescott, Molly Doncaster, and Samantha Morand for their help with organizing and tallying the results for the Ad Lucem award selection for a faculty and support staff member, which will be announced during the graduation ceremony in a few short weeks. Also would like to thank Lisa Forte Doyle, Betsy Simmons, and Kwon Faith for their help with the selection for the senior award.

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National Art Honor Society Art Work (above) - Stunning!

The art work is called Project Hope and was worked on by Aleela Rose (11th) Taylor Schaub (12th) and Emma Starkweather (11th)

I just wanted to share with you their amazing work for the child and family services center in Hyannis!


Anna Milan

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Credit for Life Fair for MRHS Seniors- What an opportunity!

On Thursday, April 14th, all seniors will be participating in the Credit for Life Fair during the first two blocks of the day in the gymnasium.

Credit for Life is a financial literacy program sponsored by the Cape Cod 5, and has been a great success at many local high schools. At the fair, students choose their occupation and spend the next few hours making the various financial decisions they will make as an adult, ranging from choosing where to live to buying a TV. Nearly 50 volunteers will be on hand from real businesses in our community including banks, automotive dealers, clothing retailers, higher education, insurance and more. Students are encouraged to dress for success! (Don’t you wish someone did this for you when you were 18?)

This week, seniors will be choosing their occupations during lunch at a table outside the cafeteria. More information will be coming as we get closer, and seniors will attend an orientation during enrichment on April 13th.

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More Great Science Trip Photos

On March 23rd, students in Mr. Burns' AP Biology class and Ms. Picariello's Environmental Science class had the unique opportunity to take part in the Genome Bioblitz project with scientists from several organizations who had gathered at the Pleasant Bay Community Boating campus. Enjoy the photos!
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Attention Sophomores and Juniors-Board of Directors Position for you here!

The Family Pantry of Cape Cod is looking for a high School sophomore or junior who is interested in furthering our mission of providing food and clothing to those in need by participating on the Board of Directors as the Youth Director for a term from September 2016 through June 2018. The Family Pantry of Cape Cod has developed the following criteria for all Directors who join the Board to ensure everyone has the same information as to expectations.

· Mission: Understands, supports and promotes the mission of the Pantry

· Involvement: Participates during board meetings and volunteers in some capacity or creates a youth event to benefit the pantry.

· Attendance: No more than 2 unexcused absences from board meetings.

· Confidentiality: Expected to sign and follow the confidentiality agreement

· Ability to work collaboratively with a group: Must be able to work with a diverse group of individuals serving on the board, working within the Pantry or dealing with the public; able to have deep discussions and accept differing opinions regarding Pantry business in a professional manner

Please contact Mary Anderson if you have any questions. Thank you.

Applications can be picked up in the Main Office from Ms. Kelly.

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Is your teenager in need of a healthy way to relax? Stressed out? Struggling with self-confidence?

Harwich Youth Services and the Cape Cod yoga community will be offering FREE YOGA CLASSES to Monomoy High School students grades 8-12. Classes will begin after school Mondays and Thursdays from May 9th-June 16th.

You can sign your teen up in the guidance office and if you have any questions, call Sheila House at (508) 430-7836.

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Alzheimer's Walk to Benefit Cape Cod Patients and Families Location: Harwich, Mass.

Residents of Lower Cape communities will lace up their shoes on Saturday, May 7, 2016 to raise money in the 2016 Remembery Walk-Dave Birtwell Memorial, a 6K event sponsored by the Alzheimer’s Family Support Center of Cape Cod 2095 Main Street Brewster, MA. 02631.

The proceeds from the walk will provide financial support to caregivers and individuals with Alzheimer's disease and related dementias on Cape Cod when other resources are unavailable.

"Many services and items needed by dementia patients aren't covered by insurance," said Barbara-Anne Foley, Harwich COA Director and organizer of the walk. "Money raised in the Remembery Walk will help these people, who often fall between the cracks." Foley gave several examples of services provided by this Walk: Support Groups, Ongoing Phone Support, Individual and Family Meetings and Supportive Counseling, Personalized Care Planning and Consultation, Community Education and Information, Memory Screenings, Entry to a Network of Partners and Care Providers, Outreach, Dementia Training, Cultural Events and Activities.

The walk begins at 11 a.m. on Saturday, May 7, 2016 at Brooks Park in Harwich Center. (Rain location is Harwich middle School Gym, 204 Sisson Road, Harwich, MA. Participants can walk as individuals or members of a team, and can sign up by printing a registration form on the walk's website, It's free to sign up, and there is no minimum amount of donations to raise. "Whatever money we raise will assist people who don't have that help now," said Foley.

The walk also will feature free massages, wellness checks, food and more from local professionals donating their services to walkers. The Sound Dunes Swing Band will perform live before

Why Support the Remembery Walk?

The Congressional Task Force on Alzheimer's disease reports that every 68 seconds, someone in the U.S. develops the disease. More locally, Harwich has the fourth-highest population of Alzheimer's disease on Cape Cod. Barnstable County statistics show that as the Lower Cape senior population increases in the next decade, so, too, will the prevalence of Alzheimer's disease.

Remembery Walk History David Birtwell, Foley's father, died in 2006 after battling Alzheimer's disease for many years. That year, Foley's son Patrick started the walk to honor his grandfather's life. Patrick and his family continue to be the driving force behind this annual tribute. The word "remembery" was coined by Birtwell when he combined the words remember and memory while pointing to his head saying “this remembery doesn’t work very well anymore!”

Contact: Barbara-Anne Foley (508) 237-3349


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