Portable church systems

The Best Example Of The Effect Of Technology On Religion Is The Portable Churches

In this modern era every bit of our surrounding seems to have already changed in various proportions or is seen to be making its way on the path of amendment. Things which once used to be completely independent and different from each other can now find a link or a connection between themselves. Our ancestors could never have imagined that even two different paths like religion and technology could have been connected together. But this has actually happened with these two things. Now there are various firms which help people to establish various kinds of technologies in the churches. One of these companies is the Portable Churches System. This company has collaborations with various organizations and has helped them to create innovative solutions into each of the conceivable settings. They have raised a standard for themselves without putting at stake some of the core values that every organization has. The system of Portable churches is followed by them. In this system most of the churches have slowly adapted themselves to the new and interesting technologies. The waves of development in technology seem to have turned the stones of religion. Smart phones, social media, tablets and internet has created an upheaval in the way that people follow to worship, pray, get themselves acquainted with the knowledge of spiritual matters and even meet the like- minded souls all across the world.

The Portable church systems have a certain kind of unique and innovative audio gear needs and specific gear is selected in each of the systems. Some of the churches need to become portable because it becomes a necessity for them rather than being choice. And this is the fact that comes into play regarding their budgets.

The following are some of the various church technologies which can help the readers to get a better understanding of the impact that the various types of technologies have on the churches and what are different types of issues which are arise when the technology is related to the churches. It will also helping in knowing that which of the technologies are implemented the most in these areas.

1. 35% of the church leaders believe that it is in favour for the betterment of mankind to link the technology with the churches.
2. Around 77.32% twitter users are from the churches. After Facebook (98.87), Twitter is the second most popular social networking site and then there are blogs, Google+, Instragram, Pinterest and many more.
3. Almost one third of the churches are now using different video clips during worshipping or offering services. The PowerPoint or the similar types of presentation software are used during worship.
4. Among all the churches around 92% of them have agreed on the fact that Facebook can be considered as the most successful platform of social media which can be used for member engagement as well as interaction. Twitter is found to be 22.11% effective.
5. Bible is read electronically in 74%of the churches.

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