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By. Joel Y Lorona and Fernando A Gonzalez

Have you ever been i a hot air balloon?

A hot air balloon rises because hat air rises because it was convection. A hot air balloon is on example of convection. Convection,Conduction,Radiation are the three major modes of heat transfer. Each mode moves energy in different energy.Conduction is the transfer of energy between materials that are touching.touching. Tectonic plates rest on the mantle, and convection cells drive their movement.If fluids such as air and water are heated, the molecules that make up the fluids gain energy move more quickly.The circular motion of convection is the manual that heats its transferred in the atmosphere.

Air Convection

Air Convection

For example heating and air conditioning can change the temperature of the air inside your home.The circulation of air in the atmosphere is a function of convection.Convection is the transfer of heat through the movement of a fluid.This movement is similar to the movement of molecules in more familiar fluids as such as water.Now you can see what convection and materials and it is really rare to see.
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