BY: H.K, J.T, F.I Hydroelectrix

Helping Penrith

The Penrith community has now found a solution to our electricity. Since Penrith is using a lot of electricity, the solution to this problem is designing a machine that will collect a renewable energy (water), and turning it into electricity, for the people of Penrith. The water will be coming from the Nepean River, near Penrith.

How It Will Work

We will be building a dam and a power station, costing 3 million dollars. Even though it costs a lot of money the community will try their best to help generate electricity to people. First, the community will build a dam to store all the water. The power station will be built to transform the water into electricity. The water will turn the turbine, which will turn the generator and make electricity. The high wire transmitter will then transport the electricity from one to another to Penrith.

Advantages AND Disadvantages


-more electricity

-easier use

-renewable energy


-long time to build

-costs too much

The Cost

Each house that is connected to the HJF Hydroelectrix, will have to pay $110 a month OR $1100 a year. If this is too much for your family, please contact : HJF@hotmail.com

The Result

This solution will be successful for those who are running out of electricity. Penrith will be a much better place when the electricity is transported to the houses. This is just one of the plans from the Penrith community. For more information, please contact