Water Pollution Project

Eric Randle

The importance of clean water

People can survive without water for a few days. Most large states depend on water. About 3.4 millions of people die from water born illness. The main source of water born illness is untreated sewage. about 4,000 children die each day because of water born illness. 4,000 children die every 20 seconds everyday.

3 coutries compared to the U.S

Brazil has 8233 of clean water. but the U.S has 3069 of clean water

Russia has 4498 of clean water but the U.S has 3069 of clean water

Indonesia has 2838 of clean water The U.S. has 3069 of clean water

Possible solutions to solve water pollutions in a country

Indonesia needs to keep their rivers lakes streams really clean then they will not have water born illness.
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