What commands can be used to remove

What commands can be used to remove the vir

What commands can be used to remove the virus from the computer?

For having the information on the virus which are affecting your computer, laptop you can ask the engineers near your house dealing in these kinds of problem or read about it over the internet or simple call our operator from www.365laptoprepair.com who are always there for your help 24*7 and dealing with computer repair Los Angeles they will let you know the way to deal with or if you are satisfied they will come to your place and solve the issue. But for your general help we will let you know that most of the time the files that are used by the virus was “wscript.exe” and if you found that on the process tab and you are not running the script in your computer then you must kill that virus and make your computer virus free. To kill a process you must select the process and select the End process button below the task manager now after this when you are done its time when you can now make use of the command prompt to delete the virus, go to the place where virus may resides now where on our drive c folder the next step comes to view the content of the directory by using the command dir/ah.

You must not be knowing that dir /ah is a command that shows the hidden files and as we all know that the virus are hidden files and you cannot see them visible if your folder is not set on the guidelines of showing the hidden files and folders.