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Ashland School Board Innovation Committees

Ashland Families, Students, and Community Members -

The Ashland School Board recently voted to create a series of Innovation Committees focused on some key areas that are of great importance to the district's operations and strategic plan. These committees will gather information and present their ideas to the Ashland School Board.

At this time, the three committees we are moving forward with are:

  1. Calendar and Schedule;
  2. Re-imagining High School; and
  3. Enrollment: Attracting New Children and Families to Ashland.

Two meetings will be held this year and work will be scheduled to continue next fall. The meetings currently scheduled are:

Calendar and Schedule

May 15 and 30

6:00 – 8:00 PM

Re-imagining High School

May 16 and 31

6:00 – 8:00 PM


May 16 and 25

6:00 – 8:00 PM

Committees will be comprised of a number of constituent groups including community members, family members, teachers, administrators, and students. If YOU are interested in learning more or serving on one of these committees, please take a moment to fill out this form to let us know by April 30, 2023.

The committee chairs will review these responses and will compose the committees shortly after the deadline for the form submission. One board member and one administrator will co-chair each committee, which will include representation from ASD students, teachers, staff members, families/community members, and others. We are seeking those with skills, insights, and broad perspectives to envision schools for the future for ALL Ashland children. Those who are selected for a committee will be notified via email and the list of committee members will be made available to the district.

Service on the committees will require attendance at up to two evening meetings per month for several months during the academic year(s).

Thank you for your consideration of this opportunity.

Ashland School Board

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