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A bright young woman who was always about others education and her own. She was known as the fighter of women's education.


Malala was a young child who had always loved to learn in school, and outside of school, Just like her father. She was a bright young girl with a big bright future ahead of her.


She was a student who was always in to what the class was learning. She would always be the one student that who was interested in her education


She had a wonderful caring family. Her father was the one who had inspired her love for education. She had a family by her side to support her all the way through her fight for women's education.


She is still a student at a high school that is located in the U.K. She still is going through school but will soon start a career later after school.


Malala had a big accomplishment when she had been the youngest Nobel Peace Prize Winner in the world. She had become a big sensation to the world.


  • A young school girl who love to learn
  • A fighter for women's education in Pakistan
  • Then later met the President of the U.S
  • She then later became the worlds youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner
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