Middle School 101

Parent University Workshop - July 31, 2017

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Link to presentation: http://tinyurl.com/MiddleSchool101

Welcome to Elkins Pointe Middle School!

  • There is lots of info...we wish to respect your time!
  • Use the back of the Agenda to take notes and to jot down your questions
  • Have a specific question about your child? Write your questions on the Evaluation form, and we will email/call you with the answer
  • Email additional questions to Lisa O'Hanlon Cowles at ohanlon@fultonschools.org
This presentation is brought to you as a Title I Parent University Workshop. All parents are welcome to attend our Parent University Workshops throughout the year. We welcome 2-Way Communication and are always open to parent questions and feedback.

Meet the Administration & Staff


Mrs. Kindra L. Smith

Principal of Elkins Pointe Middle School

Ms. Ida Ward

Assistant Principal

  • 6th Grade

Dr. Beverly Brown

Assistant Principal

  • 7th Grade

Dr. Lorrie Bearden

Assistant Principal

  • 8th Grade
  • Curriculum Scheduling

Mr. Rodney Jones

Administrative Assistant

Front Office Staff - (770) 667-2892

Clinic - 470-254-2892

Guidance Office

Parent Liaisons

Resource Officer

  • Elkins Pointe has a Fulton County Resource Officer on staff to ensure the safety of students, staff, and facility.


  • Edith Woodruff
  • To be announced...

Media Center

School Technology Specialist

Important Dates

    • July 31, 2016
      • 8:30 am - 12:30 pm - 6th Graders Report
      • 8:30 am - 9:15 am - Parents FAQ

    • August 2, 2017
      • 6th Grade: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
      • 7th & 8th Grades: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

    • August 7, 2017
      • 8:54 am - Start of school day - NOTE THE CHANGE
      • 4:05 pm - End of school day
      • PLEASE ARRIVE BY 8:25 am if you are a walker or car-rider

    • August 23, 2017
      • 5:00 pm - 5:30 pm TAG Meeting in the Gym
      • 5:30 pm - 5:45 pm PTSA Meeting in the Gym
      • 5:45 pm - 6:30 pm - Principal's Welcome & Annual Title I Parent Meeting in the Gym
      • 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm - Classroom Visits

What to Expect on Information Day?


Date: August 2, 2017


  • 6th Grade: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • 7th Grade: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
  • 8th Grade: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

During Open House you will:

  • Be given a check list when you arrive
  • Start in the Gym by turning in paperwork & payments
  • Pay locker fee & agenda
  • Find your Advisement Classroom./Homeroom
  • Pick up schedule & locker combo and agenda in Advisement Classroom
  • Walk schedule, visit classrooms, practice locker combo
  • Join PTSA
  • Order Spiritwear
  • Purchase items at the School Store
  • Put money on the lunch plan (recommend putting $25 on the lunch plan...you can do this online too) or sign up for Free & Reduced lunch in the cafeteria

New Registrations @ INFO DAY

Any students new to the area not registered:

  • Please go directly to the front office to complete the registration packet
  • Please bring all required documents needed to register a new student

Note: If you have a rising 6th grader coming from a Feeder School that is zoned for our school, there is NO NEED to register your student.

What to Bring to INFO DAY?!

Bring...1, 2, 3...

  1. Proofs of Residency
  2. Immunization Forms 3231
  3. Your checkbook or cash

6th Grade Proofs of Residency:

  • ALL 6th Grade Students must present TWO PROOFS of Residency (Gas, Electric or Water bill AND Driver’s License Mortgage/Lease, Bank Statement or Paycheck)
  • 7th & 8th Grade Students returning to EPMS are NOT required to present proofs of residency
  • Proofs of residence must be provided for initial enrollment into Fulton County Schools, entry into Kindergarten, 6th grade, 9th grade, and when there is any address change.
  • Note: FCS no longer requires an Affidavit of Residence for every year of student enrollment.

REQUIRED: Two Proofs of Residency for ALL 6th Grade Students

Click for Proofs of Residency for 6th Grade

Any students new to the area who have not registered:

  • Must go directly to the main office to complete the forms
  • Please bring all required documents needed to register a new student

Note: If you have a rising 6th grader coming from a feeder school zoned for our school, there is NO NEED to register your student.

Immunization Form 3231

6th & 7th Grade Student Requirements

Click for 6th Grade IMMUNIZATIONS

Click for 7th Grade IMMUNIZATIONS

Please bring Form 3231 from your child's pediatrician to Open House.

Bring Money $$$ to Info Day.

You will also want to bring extra cash, checkbook or credit card to pay for other expenses.

List of the anticipates expenses:

  • Join PTSA

  • Purchase an Agenda ($10)
    • Every student is required to have an agenda
    • Organizational tool as part of the ONE Binder strategy
    • Hall passes & media passes are written in the agenda
    • Homework tracker & communication tool between parents, students, and teachers

  • Pay Locker Fee ($5)
    • This charge is to cover the cost each locker to be re programmed with a new combination by an independent contractor.
    • Combinations were changes during the summer performed.

  • Put money on your child's Lunch Account
    • Even if your child brings lunch, please consider putting a nominal amount on their account as a backup
    • Lunch funds can be replenished using the FCS website and a credit card
    • Free & Reduce applications will be available in the cafeteria.

  • Purchase school supplies from the School Store (i.e. a locker shelf, approx $8)

Info Day FAQs

Lockers, Schedules & Supplies...Oh My!

Unlocking the secrets of Lockers, Backpacks, Purses, and more...

Q? When will my student get their locker?

A: Lockers will be issues at our open house on August 2nd at Information Day

Q? Why does the school charge a Locker Fee?

A: This is the cost the school pays for each locker to have a new combination set. This function is performed by an outside vendor (locksmith company). It takes one full business day for the company to reprogram all 1,200 lockers.

Q? Will my student be able to decorate her locker?

A: During Information Day, your student may decorate the INSIDE of her locker. Please arrive early to allow ample time to decorate.

Q? When will my child be able to practice his combination?

A: After your child receives his lockers combination on Information Day, you student will have time to practice. Also, on the first week of school 6th grade teachers will give students lots of time to practice opening their locker. WEB Leaders will be available on the first day of school to help students with their lockers and to help them find their first class.

Q? Do you have any tips about locker decoration?

A: 6th graders are often excited to decorate his or her locker, it's best to limit the decorations, and keep it simple. For example, do away with the "shag carpeting & the hanging chandelier." The lockers are small and space is at a premium. A fun magnet for the inside of the door and a brightly colored locker shelf would be functional. FYI - 7th & 8th grade students don't usually decorate their lockers. It is primarily a 6th grade "rite of passage."

HGTV Lockers...Keep is SIMPLE!

Tip: You might wish to forgo the chandelier & the shag carpeting!
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Q? When can my child put their school supplies in their locker?

A: They can do so on Information Day or on the first day of school.

Q? What if my child is nervous about the first day of school?

A: There is no need for your child to have any jitters! WEB Leaders will be in the Atrium, and in the 6th Grade Hall to help the 6th graders with their lockers, to carry school supplies and find their classes. Teachers will allow extra time during the first week of school for students to practice opening their locker.

Q? What kind of backpack and lunch box fits in the locker?

A: Rolling-Backpacks DO NOT fit in the locker. A metal, hard plastic or overly structured (non-pliable) lunch box will be challenging to fit inside the locker. When selecting a backpack and lunch box, it is best to select items that can collapse and squeeze in easily.

Q? Is my child allowed to carry his backpack to class

A: Backpacks must remain in the locker until the end of the day. 6th Grade students will pack their backpacks at the end of 6th period and bring them to their last two periods (Connections classes). This helps 6th Graders with a speedy dismissal


2017-2018 supply list


  • Download the Supply List, click here.
  • Supplies can be brought on Information Day or on the First Day of School
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♥️ Gift to the 6th Grade Class!

Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor the all 6th graders will be gifted a zipper binder!

  • If you already purchased a binder, your child is certainly welcome to use the binder you purchased.

  • An anonymous donor specifically funded zip binders for the entire six grade.

  • North Point Community Church and several of our Elkins neighborhoods are generously collecting binder donations.

  • Binders that are donated from other sources will be used by 7th and 8th grade students who need support to get a zip binder.

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Q: Do I really need to buy a 3" binder for the One Binder system?

A: It is highly encouraged for students to participate in this organizational initiative. Every item on the supply list has been selected as part of our TITAN BINDER system.

Q: How can I help support an EPMS student in need of school supplies?

A: When purchasing supplies for your child, please consider picking up a little bit extra to donate. You can drop off your donations to the school directly in the front office. No donation is too small - Thank you!

We are specifically looking for these items to be donated:

  • Highlighters, markers, #2 pencils & colored pencils
  • Loose-leaf paper• 8-tab dividers with pockets,
  • Pencil pouches (zippered with 3 holes reinforced holes)
  • 3” inch D-ring binders (no zippers, must lay flat)

Q: What is the AVID Organizational strategy and doesn't this only apply to students in the AVID Connections classes?

A: AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Achievement. Elkins Pointe is implementing AVID strategies and resources to all students. The AVID program is designed to help students navigate high school and to forge a path to college. We want all students to have the benefits of AVID teaching tools.

Let's Hear It for..Band, Orchestra & Chorus!!!

Music Department


Q: Is it too late to add music to my child's schedule?

A: You can still place your child in Band, Chorus or Orchestra! Please email the music teacher, and they will help your child get a seat in their class.

Q: What if my child does not play an instrument or know how to read music?

A: Our music teachers are prepared for beginners, and will teach your child how to play an instrument and music.

Q: How does instrument selection work in band/orchestra?

A: Your child will be introduced to various instruments in both band and orchestra. Mr. Wilson and Mr. Gamba will provide various instruments for your child to try during the first 5 weeks of school.

Q: We don't own an instrument, how does that work?

A: It is not necessary to go out and purchase an instrument immediately. Both Mr. Gamba and Mr. Wilson will provide information on instrument rentals to parents.

Q: How are our music programs rated?

A: All three of our music programs, Band, Chorus, and Orchestra are Superior Rated in LGPE (Large Group Performance Evaluation).

Get Involved

Support, Share, Speak Up & Collaborate!

There are many opportunities to volunteer in the school and in the classroom.

Support Student Success by Volunteering

There are many opportunities to volunteer in the school and in the classroom.

Volunteer with the many PTSA events:

  • Welcome Back Staff luncheon
  • Packet Stuffing
  • Reflections
  • Box Tops
  • Red Ribbon Week
  • Teacher of the Year Breakfast
  • Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Honor Roll Breakfasts

Volunteer in the Classroom:

  • Help teach a lesson
  • Tutor Students
  • Be part of a Thursday Club
    • Several community members share their skills with our clubs.
    • We invite our parents to share your skill with our students

Volunteer in the School:

  • Help in the front office
  • Make copies for teachers
  • Put up bulletin boards

If you would like to volunteer, email Lisa O'Hanlon Cowles, Title I Parent Liaison, @ ohanlon@fultonschools.org

PErsonalized learning

Elkins Pointe launched 1-to-1 Devices last October. Students will be issued Dell Latitude Laptops as part of the Fulton County Schools Personalized Learning initiative. More information on Device User Agreements will be provided in coordination with our annual launch of the laptops.

Note: If you would like more information on student devices, please click here.

Home Access Center & Student Access Center

Fulton County Schools offers two helpful tools to monitor student success.

Home Access Center (HAC) - To be used by parents at home to monitor grades for tests, quizzes, and homework. Parents can monitor assignments (NHI = Not Handed In), tardies, excused absences and check their child's schedule.

Login to HAC:

  • Home Access Center login information is available in the front office. Parents are required to show ID to retrieve the login and password.
  • Click here to access Home Access Center.

Student Access Center (SAC) - To be used by students with their 1-to-1 Devices to monitor their progress.

Instructions for SAC:

  • To view instructions for SAC, click here.
  • Students can use this on their FCS issued device or at home.

Things for 6th Graders...

Here are a few things that will be new to 6th graders in middle school:

6th Grade Tailgate Dance

  • Sponsored by the PTSA
  • Purpose is for 6th graders to mix and mingle with their new classmates
  • Only 6th graders attend
  • 6th Grade teachers will chaperone
  • 6th Grade parents are asked to help with set-up, clean-up, etc.
  • Cost $5 per student (includes food, DJ Music, games & fun)
  • Dance will take place immediately after school @ 4:15 pm
  • Signed permission slip required
  • Transportation must be provided by parent

Thursday Clubs

  • All students will participate in a Thursday Club. Clubs will take place during the school day. On Thursday, classes will be shortened by a few minutes to add in a club period.
  • Students will be presented with 20-30 options of clubs
  • Students will pick their top three (3) choices and will be accommodated with one of their choices.

Before School/After-School Clubs, Activities & Study Sessions

  • Through out the school year, there will be opportunities for students to come to school early to participate in study sessions, clubs, and activities
  • Teachers will announce to their students when they will have morning or after school study sessions
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA meeting at 7:45 am - All students welcome) and the Titan Morning News Crew (Sign up in Media Center with Mr. G. to be on the Morning News Crew) are two of the morning activities.
  • Extra-curricular sports include cheerleading, volleyball, tennis, basketball
  • Transportation is provided by parent/guardian

Honor Roll Breakfasts in Winter 2018

  • Students earning all A’s and B’s qualify for the Honor Roll.
  • Honor Roll students and their parents will be invited to attend this early morning breakfast celebration.
  • Invitations will be sent home with students and the Honor Roll recipients will be published in our newsletter, Titan Talk.

Processes @ EPMS

ADVISEMENTS are now called WINN (What I Need Now) PERIOD

  • A.K.A. Homeroom and formerly know as Advisement Class
  • Advisement takes place in the morning
  • On Information Day after you complete the items assigned to you in the Gym, you will check the Digital Displays (TV screens located in the Atrium, and in the corridor outside the 6th GRADE HALL) for your child's name and the corresponding Advisement Classroom.


  • Students can be dropped off starting at 8 am
  • 6th and 7th graders go to the gym & 8th graders go to the cafeteria.
  • Passes are required If a student needs to go to the media center, see a teacher, attend orchestra/band/chorus practice before school


  • To find out your child's bus information, please click here.
  • To view the Fulton County Transportation page, click here.


  • School hours are from 8:54 am to 4:05 pm (arrive no later than 8:25 am)
  • Students have eight (8) periods, plus WINN Class


  • The carpool lane is off of Elkins Rd on the driveway closest to Elkins Rd. Please do not enter at the traffic light on Elkins Road—this entrance is for buses only.
  • Students may be dropped off as early as 8:00 am; Students are released at 4:05 pm
  • Do not park in the parking lot by the bus lane. The parking lot where buses load is off limits from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm.
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  • Walkers and Car Riders are dismissed at 4:05 pm
  • Bus riders are dismissed at 4:10 pm
  • Parents are not permitted to wait in the Atrium or on the sidewalk in front of the school during dismissal

  • Students should adhere to the Fulton County Dress Code
  • The 2016-2017 EPMS Dress Code will be distributed in Back-to-School Packets
  • Dress Code/Discipline Cycle


  • Students must submit a note to the front office first thing in the morning if they are being checked out.
  • Arrange to have your child meet you in the front office at the scheduled time. Please check your child out in between class periods to prevent the front office from having to call into the class.
  • No students can be checked out of school after 3:30 pm. Please check your student out prior to 8th period
  • Students riding home with a friend on a different bus must present two notes (one from each parent) upon arrival to school in the morning. Front desk personnel will call to verify the students are permitted to ride home together on the bus. Car riders are not subjects to this policy.


  • Parents do not typically have lunch with their students.
  • Students can use their personal devices (i.e. phones) when the administration grants the privilege. FCS issued laptops will remain locked in the Advisement Class during the lunch period.
  • 6th grade students eat lunch at a grade in two shifts.


  • All doors will remain locked during the school day. Visitors must ring the bell on the camera pad to the right of the front door. If prompted, be prepared to display ID (driver's license), and state name and business.
  • All visitors should report directly to the front office.
  • Volunteers are required to register as a Mandatory Reporter with FCS and must check in at the Volunteer Computer in the front office.


  • Students must be in the building by 8:45 am.
  • Bus riders will never be marked tardy. Please consider having your child arrive on the bus.
  • If your student is late, please come into the front office to sign in your child.
  • If you are planning to have your child miss school to travel, please review the policy, Student Travel Procedure.

Excused Absences, Doctor's Notes & Early Check Out

Doctors' Notes & Notes from Home

Q: If my child misses school where do we submit the note?

A: All notes should be brought to the front office. All notes from parents or doctors should be placed in the striped box (pictured) located on Miss Ainara's side of the front desk (pictured). Parents or students may deliver notes to the front office. Your child should NOT give the note to their Advisement teacher.

Get Connected


  • Titan Talk - Read the weekly newsletter emailed home
    • Sign Up for Titan Talk, click here
    • Parent emails for 6th, 7th and 8th grade will be imported into the Titan Talk data base.
    • If you do not wish to receive Titan Talk you can unsubscribe at any time.

  • Website, click here
    • Bookmark and use the EPMS site
    • View links to the PTSA, SGC and teacher websites/email addresses
    • Links to subscribe to Titan Talk, Bell Schedule, etc.

  • School Messenger - Fulton County Official email, phone, text message updates
    • Messages may be issued directly from the FCS District
    • Messages may be issued directly from the Elkins Pointe Administration


  • Facebook - Find us here
    • Join the closed Elkins Pointe Parent Group to see updates and photos
    • "Friend" or "Follow" the Elkins Pointe Parent Liaison
    • Ask questions or share helpful information
    • Our online community includes EPMS parents, teachers, community business partners, feeder school contacts and is a great resource
    • Members are asked read the Mission Statement and adhere to the guidelines

  • Follow on Twitter
    • Principal Kindra L. Smith @epmsprincipal
    • Elkins Pointe MS @elkinspointe
    • EPPMS Parent Liaison @EPMSParentLisa
    • Many of teachers at our school use Twitter, and we encourage you to "follow" to see all the cool things they are doing!
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  • Sign Up for Remind - text message updates
    • Instructions to Sign up:
      • Text this number: 81010
      • Text this message: @elkinspoi
    • Standard text messaging rated may apply
    • If you are added to the texting list, you can unsubscribe


JOIN PTSA and Help Support Our Titans!

Q: Who can join PTSA?

A: Parents Teachers & Students are invited to join the PTSA.

Q: When can we join PTSA?

A: You can join PTSA today, during Information Day, at Curriculum Night or Online

Q: What kind of payment does the PTSA accept?

A: PTSA accepts cash, check, and credit cards. For Online memberships, you will be required to use a credit card. You can also print off a membership form and submit with cash or check to the front office.

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The goal is helping to grow smart, happy and connected students.

Let’s do this together!

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