English Language Arts Teacher


Job Description

The job is about language arts are part of the core curriculum offered in middle school and high school along with math, science and social studies. The primary function of a language arts instructor is to teach the English language through reading, speaking, and writing to English-speaking students. The English language teacher uses a variety of media to help them students appreciate their primary language.


Before receiving a teaching license to teach language arts, a prospective language arts teacher must complete a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university. In addition to the basic liberal arts courses required of all majors, the English education major takes classes in Shakespeare, American and British literature, adolescent literature, world literature, grammar, poetry, drama, literary criticism and composition to help prepare them to teach their subject matter. The student also takes educational theory and methods courses. During that time, the student teacher plans and present lessons and performs the routine tasks expected of a teacher, such as grading papers and conferring with parents.



The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, BLS, predicts that jobs for kindergarten, elementary, and middle school teachers will grow by 12% between 2012 and 2022, while high school teaching jobs will only increase by 6% during the same decade. The BLS also reported that mean annual salaries for kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high school teachers ranged between $53,480 and $59,330 as of May 2014