Biology Twitter Chat

Why Tweet?

* Model the use of social media as a tool for continued learning

* Allow students to connect as learners through social media

* Allow students to communicate learning through social media

Twitter Chat Format

We will start with a slow chat. Each week a prompt will be tweeted for students to reply. At the end of the week, I will storify the tweets for the week and post to my webpage for others to see. We may progress to a fast chat. These a designed for a specific date and time. During the 30 minutes, four questions are asked which students respond to. These would be storified at the end of each session and then posted on my webpage.

Twitter Format

We will use the Q1 and A1 format. I will number each question Q1, Q2, etc. for question one, question 2, and so forth. You will attach A1, A2, etc. to correspond your answer to the specific question.

Use #peasterbiology

Q1 will post on Monday, March 23rd. This is going to be GREAT!