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Scholastic Book Fair Is Coming!

Our sales dates are Thurs., 29 Aug. through Fri., 6 Sept. from 8:00-3:30. Open House is Thurs., 5 Sept. and the book fair will open from 5:00-7:00 for shoppers. All sales benefit the library's reading and literacy programs which support our classes.

Our book fair is also online. For more details and information:

Don't forget to send your volunteer slips to the library. Or, you can click the Form button at the bottom of this newsletter and fill out your schedule there. We need and appreciate your help!

Box Tops New App: Scan for your School

Box Tops for Education Goes Digital!

Box Tops is in the process of going completely digital. Their new mobile app will scan your store receipts, find participating products and instantly add Box Tops to our school's earning online.

Learn all about it here : and help us earn money for our school.

Please keep saving (and sending to the library) the paper ones still on participating products. We can continue to send those in and receive credit for them until they are phased out completely.

Free Reading Apps - Claim before 31 August

Take your reading skills to the next level with one or both of the FREE Android apps below. The next time you’re traveling to work, waiting in line, or want to make sure to fit family reading time into your busy day, spend a few minutes using one of the free apps below to help grow your reading skills. You AND your child will benefit, so let’s start the fun!

Get started on your phone or tablet today! Download for free from the Google Play Store and use code 5511 to log in.

Amrita Learning and Codex: The Lost Words of Atlantis are both full of great games, stories, videos, and new vocabulary to grow your English language skills.

Visit OR Go to the Google Play Store. Search for Amarita Learning App. Install & open. Enter the code 5511 on the pop-up screen.

Visit OR Go to the Google Play Store. Search for Codex: Lost Words of Atlantis. Install & open. Enter the code 5511 on the pop-up screen.

Cushing Upper Elementary Library

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