By: Juan Vivas


The purpose of the documentary BatKid was to show that the "Make A Wish Foundation" allow kids to fulfill their dreams. For example Miles Scott an American child and cancer survivor. His wish was to be "Batkid", a sidekick of the eponymous comic book superhero Batman.


This film was meant to send a message to different kids who are also going through cancer or any types of illnesses, has a chance to win the fight and fulfill their life long dreams that they carry with them everyday.

Achieving the Purpose

The film achieved it's purpose of fulfilling Miles Scott dream by using different techniques and strategies. For example people from make a wish put together a plan that would gather people from around the world to cheer for batkid on his of celebration. Another example would be that many company's that create clothes, electronics, and even the government wanted to help put the pieces of the puzzle together. All the people who pitched in and helped, they helped prove a point that with a little help and imagination anything can happen.
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After viewing the documentary I feel that with a little help from friends and family dreams or anything you think of can come true. The impact it had on me as the viewer was that seeing this 5 year old kid fulfill his dream by being side by side with "Batman" it just opened a new point of view for me that no bodies dreams should be thrown away or forgotten,