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July and August Kudos

WOW, What a Summer!

Congratulations everyone on an incredible two months. In the past July and August have been slower sales months, but not this year. You girls killed it! I am so excited for each of you who are using your 20 seconds of courage to book one more show, sponsor a friend, and hostess coach to the fullest. Every seed you planted over the summer will come back to you ten fold this fall! AMAZING!

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Top In Sales

August Top Sellers - $2308 or higher earning 30% commission

These are the highest numbers we've ever seen in August! Congrats to our 11 Steller Sellers with $5000 or more in sales for August!

Melinda Marshall Toledo OH $8,534.63

Marcela Hoeven Samson Minot ND $8,511.50

Melissa Prowse Clawson MI $8,295.38

Nicole Hazen Westwood MA $7,611.75

Sarah Zengerle Farmington Hills MI $7,056.39

Lauren Grause San Francisco CA $6,378.69

Kelly Petitto Clarklake MI $6,163.40

Kathryn Androff Commerce Township MI $5,577.50

Jennifer Johnson Hoboken NJ $5,192.69

Katie Tillman Natchez MS $5,062.94

Ashley Vella Dexter MI $5,008.67

Anita Hieber Deshler OH $4,408.50

Erin Moharita Holland PA $4,266.08

Kristen Makins Farmington Hills MI $3,968.00

Jamie Brandimarte Rochester Hills MI $3,848.00

Jennifer Thomm Ypsilanti MI $3,586.50

Nancy Shipway Chelsea MI $3,582.80

Elena Echevarria Guaynabo PR $3,381.00

Adair Bard Madison MS $3,366.00

Deborah Zevalkink Canton MI $3,348.25

Mary Hellenbrand Madison WI $3,283.30

Misty Bratcher Brighton MI $3,052.41

Susan Brock Clarkston MI $2,956.50

Nancy Weightman Clarkston MI $2,900.59

Michele Plafchan Los Angeles CA $2,774.31

Nina Yessian White Lake MI $2,753.83

Megan Kosecki East Lansing MI $2,650.59

Kristian Brenneman Maumee OH $2,639.25

Lacey Stevick Minot ND $2,569.88

Sarah Plowman Commerce Twp MI $2,518.00

Jenna Duke Northville MI $2,369.50


Ashley Vella Dexter MI $6,187.41

Sarah Zengerle Farmington Hills MI $5,134.90

Melinda Marshall Toledo OH $5,032.20

Anita Hieber Deshler OH $4,281.00

Sarah Atchison Keller TX $3,569.50

Lacey Stevick Minot ND $3,510.12

Kristen Makins Farmington Hills MI $3,263.25

Lauren Grause San Francisco CA $3,253.16

Erin Moharita Holland PA $3,008.65

Megan Mungovan Arlington Heights IL $2,793.70

Katie Tillman Natchez MS $2,701.00

Christine Lammers Canton MI $2,670.90

Kathryn Androff Commerce Township MI $2,638.53

Kelly Petitto Clarklake MI $2,589.25

Greta Myers Traverse City MI $2,548.25

Kristie Conklin Plymouth MI $2,394.50

Ellen O'Brien Northville MI $2,393.50

Amanda Manczak Chicago IL $2,317.00

Mary Hellenbrand Madison WI $2,312.50

Fall Bootcamp - Learn from your Area Leaders


Join your Local Leadership Team as they share with you everything you need to know for the best fall ever! Are you a new stylist or have you been a stylist awhile, but are unsure how to get your business relaunched, either way - we've got you covered!

Register for the MI Bootcamp here:

Mindi Marshall is also hosting a Toledo Bootcamp and you can register for that one here:

Search for other locations in the Lounge.

Welcome to September!

You rocked the Summer, kids are officially back in school (no matter what state you live in), now let's have a SPECTACULAR SEPTEMBER! Stack up your rewards is back...earn $100 in product credit for every $1000 you sell. Plus, if you sponsor a new stylist in September who goes on to earn her Jump Start Book & Sell Award, YOU will get an additional $300 in product credits. We love free jewelry just as much as our hostesses do. Let's stack up those rewards!

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Make it great month!

Update your goals, work with your upline, join the Home Office training calls. Every step you take this month will push you towards a successful Q4 (Oct-Dec). This is your time to shine!

Anjewels Director & Founding Leader