Tissues in the human body!

Like Kleenex? Of course not!

What are Tissues?

Tissues are a group of cells that are similar in structure and perform common or related functions. The 4 main types in the human body are Connective, Nervous, Muscle and Epithelial. Each have their own job and function that allows our body to work as smoothly as it does.

The Main Tissues

Epithelial Tissue

I am doing Epithelial tissue separately because I believe that it is the best type of tissue for it's location and function. Epithelial tissue is found lining the gastrointestinal tract organs, blood vessels, duct lining and the skin's surface. It's job is excretion, secretion, absorption, filtration, sensory perception and protection. It is classified by cell shape and cell arrangement. I believe that epithelial tissue is the best for it's location because one of it's main functions is protection. Our epidermis is the largest organ in our body and it's made up of epithelial tissue. If it wasn't as strong and durable as it is and couldn't adjust as easily to an environment, our bodies would not function properly. It's our very first protective layer and keeps out copious amounts of bacteria and germs that could make us sick. Without epithelial tissue, our bodies wouldn't have a support system holding together our frame. It holds everything in and without it, we would be much more susceptible to injury, infections and harmful bacteria.