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Letter from Principal Nelson

Fun Run Cougars...err, I mean Howdy Cougars!

The time is now. This is what it is all about: Fun Run!!! We have the ability to raise much needed funds for our school in a healthy, fun, somewhat spectacular manner, the likes of which few have seen before. The chosen few who have witnessed this awe inspiring event, those who participated in last year’s epic Zombie Fun Run, know that the Fun Run is the perfect prescription for the ills that can be school finance. We have the ability to control how much money comes in, and how we can best spend it to support our kids. We are not beholden to voters, nor politicians, nor the folks working downtown. The only group we must concern ourselves with is the most important one of all; our students.

We love the Fun Run (Fun Run Part Deux: Zombies Hate Fast Food) because unlike most fundraisers which merely incentivize individuals, we incentivize groups, which in turn encourages teamwork. With the Fun Run, every student can be a winner and help support their classmates and their campus. This year we are incentivizing PRIDEs by rewarding them with extra outside days when goals are met, as well as incentivizing entire grade levels with more recess and a popsicle or cocoa party (the weather decides the treat) if their goal is met. If the entire campus reaches its goal of $25,000, we all celebrate as a campus at a free Valentine’s Dance in February. Even if a student doesn’t opt in or contribute, h/she still gets to participate in all the rewards, the run, and the dance.

The day of the run is November 17th and we invite all friends and family to come watch. We’ll have one run per grade level on our 2 mile track where we pit our Zombies (the top 10% of earners) after the uninfected. Each non-zombie will have 3 lifelines and try to finish the race with at least one intact. If a Zombie takes their lifeline, not to worry, we have an infirmary tent where they can earn one back by doing push-ups and/or sit-ups. We also reward extra lifelines when students run through one of our two inflatable obstacle courses, as well as extra lifelines provided at our “mystery challenge” table. Even if you become infected, we still want you to keep moving and to have fun!

Here is the link to register your student for the race.

Here is a link to get all the details about the run.

Once you sign up, send the link to all your friends, family, and co-workers via FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Linked In, or even My Space (I still count Tom as one of my dear friends). Let them know you support this no hassle, healthy event as a way to raise money for your school and invite them to pitch in. For a list of all the prizes, group awards, and map of the course, please see the attached S’more.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Matthew Nelson


Small Middle School

(512) 841-6505


Fun Run Details

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Carta del Sr. Nelson en español

Una traducción de la carta del Sr. Nelson será publicada aquí dentro de 24 horas.

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November Volunteer Sign-Up

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Parent Cloud

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Science Department Fundraiser

Please support the CSMS Science department and all of the great labs that they do - - Dry Ice! Sheep's Eyes! Digestion Simulations! - - by purchasing a coupon book. The books are $25 and contain lots of great deals for local restaurants. The book also comes with a code so that you can download it on your phone - - so you don't need to carry the book around with you! These can be purchased from any CSMS student to help them win some prizes - - or you can contact Ms. Komnick ( to get a book. Thanks for your support!

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Thanksgiving Pies for Small Staff

To show our gratitude for our incredible teachers, it has become a PTA tradition for Parents to bring in pies, either store-bought or homemade the Friday before Thanksgiving.

Let's continue this tradition, and show our love by bringing in a pie or 2 Friday morning, Nov. 17th! We need a total of 110 Pies, one for every staff person on campus to take one home for the Thanksgiving break!

Message from PTA

Small Cougars,

Early voting continues until Nov 3. To vote early, just visit one of these early voting locations:

The AISD bond election is November 7th. See for information on each school's bond project.

For information about the AISD Bond, visit for school project sheets, financial FAQ videos, etc.

Information for Small can be found at

Purpose of the bond

Prop 1 is designed to replace, improve, renovate and modernize facilities. It will implement new technology and address crucial space and safety concerns.


AISD will send more than $1 Billion of our local property tax revenue over the next two fiscal years to the state, which will distribute it to other school district and other costs instead of it being spent on our students and our schools. This is commonly known as Recapture. Bond dollars, on the other hand, aren’t subject to recapture by the state. All bond funds will stay in the AISD school district to be used on the projects outlined in the bond proposal, and overseen by a bond committee that includes AISD parents and community members.

The bond will not raise property taxes

This will not raise the tax rate though rising property values may affect taxes we pay.

The bond is a borrow-and-pay-as-you-go model, similar to a credit card. Approval of the bond is like increasing a credit limit. The full amount will not be borrowed all at once. AISD has a history of paying off bonds early, earning it one of the highest credit score ratings available.


Small PTA

Internet Safety for Kids and Teens

Free Parent Workshop:

Internet Safety for Kids and Teens

  • Parents will learn about general guidelines for online safety
  • Parents will leave this presentation with the knowledge of what cyberbullying is
  • Parents will learn online safety tips and recommendations for elementary-aged children and adolescents

Who: All Parents and Guardians

When: Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Time: 6:00- 7:30PM

Where: Austin Child Guidance Center- Conference Room

810 West 45th Street

Austin, Texas 78751

Cost: FREE

Childcare: Available for children 2 years old and older at no cost.

Parent GT Nomination Form

The parent nomination window is now open and will close at midnight on November 15! (Late nominations not accepted) To nominate your child to participate in the AISD GT program, complete this form. This year, GT testing and portfolio building will take place over two days, Feb 15-16, during school hours. If your child is already identified in the GT program, you do not have to re-nominate. Every year the Clint Small GT program expands to include more exciting activities! This year, we added the Great Thinkers club. Apply now to see if you can join the fun!

Click here to nominate your child for Gifted and Talented

CSMS NJHS - Harvey Help

NJHS is sponsoring a classroom effective by Hurricane Harvey

Ms. Kelly is a 7th - 12th grade science teacher at Community Christian School. Her school was completely flooded by the waters of Hurricane Harvey. Currently all the students of Community Christian are having class in a bowling alley with "walls" made from curtains and table clothes. Ms. Kelly lost all of her science supplies. Please consider making a donation to her classroom through her Amazon Wishlist page.

Thank you,


Cougar Online

There are now 6 Stories written and produced by the students! Check out their hard work!

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