Glow In The Dark Bounce Balls

Hand made !!!

1st bowl Ingredients

Combine in a small bowl, mixing until all ingredients are dissolved

2nd bowl Ingredients

Mix well until the paint is completely blended into the glue. If you have homemade glow in the dark glue on hand you can also use that and skip the mixing.

3rd Step

Once the ingredients of both bowls are well mixed combine the two bowls. Allow the ingredients to react by themselves for a minute before stirring them. As you stir a sticky hard, slimy material will form. Take the material, and continue to work it with your hands, rolling and shaping it into a ball

Last step

As you roll the material it will lose it's sliminess and become dry and rather hard, yet still moldable

Once you have formed 6 separate balls, break them apart. We broke each ball into 6 pieces to make 6 RAINBOW bounce balls

What It Looks Like When You Are Done