Madness With the Panthers!

Northern Iowa goes to March Madness

University of Northern Iowa

Come watch the Panthers face the Wyoming Cowboy's

Friday, March 20th, 11:45am

305 Harrison Street

Seattle, WA

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This Is the Campus of UNI "University of Northern Iowa"

The campus is located at 1227 W 27th St. Cedar Falls, IA 50614

Also this campus is in an Urban area and is 900 acres.

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This is a map of the USA showing where UNI is on the map.

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The Mascots at UNI are Panthers; TC and TK

TC stands for The Cat!

TK stands for The Kitten!

UNI colors are Purple and Gold

Random Facts about UNI

  • At this school their are 13,201 Students.
  • For one semester at UNI it is roughly about $4000.

Going on The With the Madness!

If the Panthers Win against the Cowboys they well then play the winner of Louisville (which is in seed 4) and UC Irvine (which is in seed 13).

Can the Panthers Win This TIME???

The panthers have never won the NCAA tourney before. But they have gotten into the tourney many times, even tho they usually get out the Second round such as in the following years: 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2009. They have also gotten to the Sweet 16 round in the following years: 1962, 1979, and 1990. In 2010 UNI made it to the Elite Eight and in 1964 they got to the Final Four.