The Lessfortunate ☯ Beings ☯

By Emily Buck

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Ebee has lived her life as a stray cat for as long as she can remember - trouble is, she can only remember the past year. She is content to live this way with her best friend, a black cat named Quince, until a strange creature named Muzzless comes to tell her things aren't quite as they seem. When Muzzless claims he can help her regain her lost memories, she decides to travel with him, coming to terms with reality along the way - the reality that is the lessfortunate beings.

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The Lessfortunate Beings is set in a world where luck is far more than just circumstance. Invisible to the eyes of mortals, creatures roam the land and feed on good and bad fortune as it flows unseen through the air. The story follows Ebee, a cat who has forgotten who she is. After living months as a stray with her new friend, a black cat named Quince, she is visited by a strange creature who tells her she is not what she seems. The creature, named Muzzless, explains to her that she is a Lessfortunate Being and eventually she is convinced he is speaking the truth. She decides to travel with him in hopes of remembering who, and what, she is. As they wander, Ebee begins to discover not only her own mysteries, but the mysteries of a malevolent force that seeks to undo all which life depends on. The world's very way of existence will hang in the balance as Ebee's journey of self discovery takes her places she'd never dreamed she'd forgotten.

Additional Details

The Lessfortunate Beings is a story I started conceptualizing in 2013, and started posting to DeviantArt September 2013. I wanted to create a story for my character Ebee. I made Ebee the cat in early/mid 2009. I started the idea by thinking of a way I could explain why Ebee had such unnatural markings. Then I found ways to plug some of my other characters into the plot. Muzzless was a random creature I drew a few years ago after seeing a character model drawing of the character Steele from the movie Balto without a mussel. Quince was a character I adopted from a friend.

There is one other smaller story, and two larger stories I plan on creating afterwards that will connect directly to the story of TLB.

It is created by using a combination of SAI and PS, as well as some recent experiments with Clip Studio. I use an Intuos 4.

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The official comic website hosted on tumblr.

Emily buck 🐝

I'm a girl in her twenties who does art in her spare time when not working or studying to be a veterinary technician. Trying to save up money for future student loan payments and eventually enough to move out of current residence. Also the proud owner of a ball python named Limbo. Loves animals, nature, video games, cartoons, anime, animation, movies, and the occasional book.

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