Super Snowball

Super Snowball Book One

One day Super snowball went to Dunkin Donuts and got a large coffee and two Boston creme doughnuts. He took a big bite of one of the donuts, right away he felt REALLY SICK . He went to the Doctor's office to get checked by the doctor. The doctor told him there was nothing wrong with him. But super snowball felt REALLY, REALLY, REALLY SICK. So he went to the hospital and they told him nothing was wrong with him.

After that super snowball went home and the next day he felt even worse so he went to a different hospital and they told super snowball there was nothing wrong with him again so he went home AND STAYED HOME.

Then he asked himself, "Should I eat those other donuts"? Yeah I should eat those other doughnuts but what if I get sick again?

Oh what am I waiting for here I come doughnuts so he ate them and he felt a million times sicker than the day before. He fell to ground in pain. “AHHHHHHHHH” he yelled. “SOMEBODY HELP ME!” he screamed. Mr.icee heard super snowball and ran in and exclaimed “Super Snowball what happened to you?” I feel like throwing up. Super Snowball ran towards his bathroom. “Uhhhh!” said Mr.Icee covered his ears Super Snowball walked into the living room. “Did you go the doctor” asked Mr.Icee. I did but he said nothing is wrong with me..When Super Snowball was done regurgitating he and Mr icee went to the hospital.Of course the doctors and nurses said “you're fine” even though super snowball felt sick.After Super Snowball and his buddy Mr.icee left the hospital they went home and Super snowball just relaxed while Mr.icee went to the local CVS to get some medicine. When Mr.icee came back Super Snowball was not at the house.So Mr.Icee called 911! he said “Help I don’t know where my friend is his name is Super Snowball!” “OK we will start searching for him,” said the chief. A couple of minutes of later the police department called Mr.icee back and they said, “Hello Mr.icee we successfully found Super snowball he was banging on the hospital door saying “LET ME IN LET ME IN LET ME IN LET ME IN!” ”They called us and said that someone was screaming and they told us to arrest the person so he is now in prison”Mr. Icee replied by saying “noooooooooooooooooo why did you put him in prison he is really really really really sick he already vomited.” “You will have to come to the police station to bail out Super Snowball.” the officer said. After that Mr.Icee got into the car closed the door started his car and raced out of the garage without opening the garage. He pulled out of his driveway and sped to the police station. He ran straight to the jail cells and looked in each one then he saw Super Snowball sitting on the toilet going to the bathroom looking upset.He ran back to the main desk and asked if he could bail Super Snowball out.”it will cost half a million dollars” “What!,I don't have $500,000” “Well you better figure out something then. “Mr.icee called his dad and asked “can I have $500,000” “well sure son I will send it to you in first class mail it should get to you by tomorrow morning around 9:00 ok?” “um yeah sure i guess so” Mr.icee answered to his dad.After Mr.icee talked to his dad he ran to Super Snowball’s jail cell. “I'm getting the money to bail you out tomorrow.” “Okay” responded Super Snowball. I’m sick more than I have ever been, and I can’t go to the hospital!” he said angrily. At 9:00 the next day Mr.Icee ran into the police station and told the officer that he got the $500,000.Mr.Icee gave the officer the money and then the officer opened the jail cell door then Super Snowball ran out and hugged Mr.Icee. “Thanks man,” Super Snowball said thankfully. “No problem,”responded Mr.Icee. “I am pretty sure someone is trying to get me really sick or something like that,”Said Super Snowball.

“What do you mean.” replied Mr.Icee “I mean first I got the allergic reaction that I get from daffodils, second they say I am healthy when I’m not, and lastly they put me in jail for no reason,” announced Super Snowball. “Who do you think wants you to get really sick,” respond Mr.Icee. “I don’t know,” said Super Snowball.

Who is this person that wants to give Super Snowball a bad life?

Find out in book two!