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Newtons 2nd law of motion

Newtons 2nd Law of Motion

Its been a great day for many football teams out there, they have been just knocking the helmets off and knocking people out. They hit so hard it is almost unbelievable. But what they wanted to know was how the players built up so much power to hit so hard. Well from what I found its actually not power its force. In Sir Isaac Newtons 2nd law of motion he states, that an object acted on by an unbalanced force will accelerate in the direction of that force.

So really the "power" that is built up is is just the force they apply from their extremely powerful muscle, its not like the cartoons where they build up their power, the players already have it in them and it comes from their muscle. But then again you don't know how the other team is beingabl to be hit so hard. So I went back to the law agian and found out that the players once they have the force acted on them will accelerate in that direction.

If you think about these laws it kind of like the saying the "bigger they are the harder they fall". But they would mean the other player because the more mass the player has the faster the opposing player will accelerate towards the ground. Take this for example, if there is a very little guy going against another little guy then it won't be a big hit. But if you have a big guy against a little guy then the little guy is probably going to need the ambulance. What is said in the 2nd law can be used in many different occasions though so here are examples in todays sports collumn.