Update: KCSD high school athletics

Games start; spectator attendance restricted

To our KCSD community,

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February 24, 2021

We have good news. This week kicked off six weeks of competition for high school cross country, soccer, volleyball, and football athletes.

We are excited for our athletes and their families, especially our seniors who will get a chance to compete during their last year of high school. However, the ability for our athletes to compete comes with restrictions and challenges to keep our community safe.

Spectator attendance restricted

Due to Oregon Health Authority guidelines, there will be no spectators allowed at Klamath County School District sporting events at this time. This also applies to away games. Only participants, coaches, and officials will be allowed on campuses for events.

Our schools are working on livestreaming options to broadcast sporting events, and we will publicize details as those plans are finalized.

The OHA capacity limitations are determined by county risk level and venue location. Everyone at the venue -- athletes, coaches, officials, and spectators -- is counted towards the capacity limit. For the full chart: OHA Risk Level Guidance Chart.

It is important that our fans follow all OHA and OSAA rules. If capacity is exceeded, play would be required to stop until capacity returns to required levels. Spectators also are not allowed to watch games or events from outside the venue elsewhere on school property.

We ask our parents and fans to please adhere to these rules so our student athletes can play. We know this year has been difficult for our athletes, and we appreciate our families, coaches, and students for their flexibility, perseverance, and determination. Work hard, compete well, and have fun!

What’s next?

As of today, OSAA has scheduled the next six-week season to include baseball, softball, golf, tennis, and track and field, and a final six-week season for swimming, wrestling, and basketball. OSAA activities with no defined season include speech, solo music, dance/drill, cheerleading, choir, band, and orchestra. Link: Revised 2020-21 OSAA Activities Calendar.

FAQs for parents and student athletes

Q: Can a parent drive their child and a few teammates to a local game?

A: Masks must be worn at all times and players need to be 3-feet apart when traveling. For this reason, it would be easier to use KCSD transportation and is the recommendation of the district. A parent can transport their own child to a game.

Q: Can participants drive themselves to events in the Basin?

A: We have always encouraged participants to ride KCSD transportation. They are not allowed to transport any other team members (except a sibling) to the event with them (KCSD Board policy and COVID-19 guidelines on travel). The final decision is up to the school and the head coach.

Q: Can players be checked out after the games and ride home with other parents?

A: We would still like to see students ride KCSD transportation back to the school as per COVID-19 guidelines and leave for home from there. Due to spectators at games, we anticipate very few parents traveling to contests. A parent can take home their kids from an event, but should not transport others due to guidelines.

Q: Can fans watch a game/contest from private or non-KCSD property?

A: KCSD will not enforce capacity limits on private property or manage fans on private property. If this occurs, fans should not use KCSD property to gain access to private property.


Check our website and your school's website for updated information.