Team 8-2 News

Mr. Anderson, Mrs. Holloway, Mr. Salser, Ms. Waxman

General News!

Week of September 28- October 2:

We are rapidly nearing the end of our first quarter. Now is the time for your students to be sure that they have all of their assignments completed and turned in, so that their final grade for the quarter is an actual reflection of what they have accomplished, not what didn't get turned in.

Dates to Remember: October 7th- end of the first quarter, October 12th- Teacher Workday, October 14 -Report Cards go home.

Language Arts- Ms. Waxman

Hello from Language Arts!

This week we will take our first Mastery Assessment. Part one will be reading, with the focus on the literary terms we have explored this quarter. The second part will be a comparison of two passages, where the students will put their writing skills to the test. Those students who have continued to improve their skills utilizing the R.A.C.E. formula should wiz right through this part!

Our novel, Empty, has come to an end, and with that a number of grades have recently been entered. Still have a few more stacks to get through, but students who are missing any of these assignments should make arrangements to get them completed as soon as possible.

This week we are also taking a look at the root words “graph”, “gram”, "scrib", and "scrip". There will be a link in their Google Classroom for Study Stack practice later in the week.

Last reminder for this quarter... the third, and final book for this quarter's independent reading , should be completed by October 7th. If you are not sure if your child is meeting this requirement, I have made an entry in PowerSchool for books 1 and 2. A checkmark indicates completion, and a "0" indicates that it has not yet been completed. The checkmark does not indicate if your child's comprehension goal was achieved. Please feel free to discuss the outcome of their test with them.

Math- Mrs. Holloway

This Week In Mathematics:

We have finished up our Mastery Assessment on our first unit. We are starting our next unit called Geometric Applications of Exponents. In this unit we will be studying everything Pythagorean Theorem! Formula, real-world applications, and it’s converse. The other part of this unit is studying volume. We will be looking at the volume of spheres, cylinders, and cones. We will be looking at how changing one part of the measurement will change the volume. Students will have homework each night this week. I am planning on a quick check Friday of content we have covered so far this week. Please make sure your student has a notebook (either 3-ring binder or spiral) for my class. I am still having students coming to class without one. Some students are also having a problem being prepared with a pencil. Thank you so much. My website is for content and homework. Please email anytime you have a question about homework or content. Looking forward to a great week.

K. Holloway

Social Studies- Mr. Salser

Social Studies Burp

It is off to the Revolutionary War we go for Ga. Studies. The students will be studying in depth the causes of the American Revolution and the impact it will play on Georgia. We will focus on the French and Indian War, the 52 years of combined fighting by the British all over the world triggers massive debt for the British government and the massive taxation plan put into effect by the British especially on the 13 colonies. We will look into the ways several colonies fight back including Georgia’s role and the outbreak of hostilities.

Science- Mr. Anderson

Ask your son or daughter what they learned in science each day. We are breaking down very difficult material into rather simple chunks that each student claims to comprehend! We are still studying elements and bonding, and I plan to test them soon. I will give them three days notice so they can prepare. ----Finally, my web page is up. It still needs work, but serves its purpose. Everything we do each day will be posted, including the homework your son or daughter says they never have! Here it is... Thank you. Anderson