This Week in AP Physics

Moving Onward and Upward!

This Week’s Standards & Activities

We are combining motion in both the x and y direction and studying projectile motion (2D). As with all of our units, we are working on AP Questions (both Multiple Choice and Free Response) related to the topic. They have had challenging symbolic as well as conceptual problems which allows them to gain mastery of these types of questions.

Grade Updates

The most updated grades will be posted by Monday, Sept. 19. Up until that time you will notice fluctuations in the grades. Thanks for your patience.

Upcoming Assessments

We are continuing to have Formatives each day. We will have a Quiz on next week and have our Summative over this unit in about 2 weeks.

AP Physics Barron's Books

Many Thanks to Ms. Wingfield and the Magnet Office for purchasing our AP Physics Study Books! Each student has received their own book to use for study, review and preparation. They should bring these books to school because we will be using them in class for practice and in preparing the students.