Computer Hardware

The input and output devices of a computer.

Input devices.

Input devices allow the computer to input information and data. Without any input devices, the computer would be completely useless. There are many different input devices, all of which do very important jobs; the keyboard, mouse and on some devices, touchscreens are all vital inputs. other helpful inputs include microphones, webcams, and cameras.

Output devices.

Output devices such as display screens, headphones and printers are necessary for allowing the user to receive data and information. They all use different methods of output to provide several types of data material.

If you want to interact with your computer, make sure you have those inputs and outputs!

Will my new computer come with inputs and outputs ready installed?

To some extent, yes. many computers when bought will already have a few interactive devices included, such as microphones, mouses, definitely a display screen, and rarely, even a keyboard!