Entry Requirements


Application Process

Attend a Recruiting Information Seminar and sit a suitability test Attend a Recruiting Information Seminar. Information on the next one can be found by visiting our events page. They will also be able to give you practical guidance on the application form, which you will receive only if you pass the suitability test. Usually the test consists of maths and spelling questions. You can re sit the suitability test as often as you like by attending a recruitment seminar.

Next you have to fill out the application form and only the application forms supplied by Leicestershire Police will be accepted. The application form has been carefully designed and has been pre-tested to ensure it is fair to everyone.

Physical Requirements

The physical requirements for the police are not to hard, if consists of a 15 bleep test were you only have to reach level 5 to pass. The next tests are the pull and pull tests, the push test is done with the bench press and you have to be able to get at least 5 reps from a 34Kg weight, in other words you have to be able to bench press 34kg 5 times. The pull test is were you lay chest down on a inclined bench and be able to pull a barbell of 35Kg up to your chest and achieve at least 5 reps.

Educational Requirements

From what i have researched there are no previous educational requirements needed to join the police force but you will have to do a written English test and do a Maths test during the application process and they must be passed if you want entry to the police force.

Previous Criminal Convictions

Having a criminal record is not automatically a no for joining the police. With joining the police with a criminal conviction It would depend on what you were convicted for, what was sentence you received, how old you were when you committed the offense and how long ago it was and depending on the answers to the question will determine the applicants place in the police force.