Civilization Brochure


Where Are They From?-

  • They lived in Southern Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, and El Salvador.
  • Arts And Buildings-
  • They would build pyramids to honor gods.
  • There were two kinds of pyramids.
  • The pyramid and the Kush Pyramid.
  • Language and Writing-
  • Spoke Spanish.
  • Used Hieroglyphics to make observations.
  • Hieroglyphics are symbols of writing.
  • Structure (Government/ social classes-
  • Had a king that ruled, and the priests were one of the most important.
  • Ceremonies and festivals were held, ball games
  • Believed in unhappy afterlife
  • Had more than 160 gods
  • Inventions? 2 for each civilization-
  • Created the number system
  • Created the calender
  • Farming-
  • Dug irrigation canals
  • Slash and burn
  • Had really good soil


Where Are They From?-

  • They were from Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina.

  • Had huge territory

  • Covered deserts, mountains, and rain forests.

  • Structure, Buildings-

  • Made little gold statues of llamas

  • Built suspension bridges

  • Tightly controlled government.

  • Built highway systems

  • Had gold that they used for art

  • Language, Writing-

  • Had no writing

  • They had something called a quipu.

  • Knots tied to colored rope of varied sizes

  • Structure (Government/ social classes-

  • Had many gods

  • The government makes decisions as to who farms, who trades, who marries, and are soldiers. Inventions?

  • Two Inventions for each civilization-

  • Blood transfusions and surgeries

  • Built suspension bridges Farming-

  • Created terraces on the side of the mountains

  • These were flat areas for farming
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  • Aztec:

  • Where Are They From?-

  • Came from West Mexico

  • Art and Building?-

  • Had a lot of pyramids

  • Built huge antique structures.

  • Language, and Writing-

  • Collected writings called glyphs

  • Structure (Government/Social Classes-

  • Men farmed, Women cured

  • Lived in large land based communities

  • Inventions? 2 for each civilization-

  • Codiacs

  • Calendars

  • Advances in astronomy.

  • Farming-

  • The men farmed and the women took care of families

  • Built raised garden beds

  • Farming was the basis of the Aztec economy

  • Corn, and chocolate were important crops

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