No Slaves No Revolt

Could we have avoided this revolt?

What could have been done to prevent the revolution?

The revolution that we just went through could have been avoided. The Slave's masters should have treated the slaves much nicer. The masters felt that they had the power to do anything they'd like so they used excessive force and violence toward the slaves.

Free Slaves

If the slaves were free since the beginning, all the destruction the slaves did would have never happened.According to Clark, "...the struggle of the Haitian slaves for freedom dragged on for more than a decade, the French army caring less and less about the destructiveness of their arms and about the lives of the Haitian people." The french men did not care about the Haitian people.

Even though the french had to use their resources and money to send slaves over to Haiti to increase their wealth, they were mistreating them. All the french cared about was the money they would make off the slaves work in the sugar plantations. No slaves = no revolts

Jean-Jacques Dessalines

Jacques was born into slavery and was named by his master's surname(last name). Jean started as field hand. At age 30 he was sold to free black man who was abuse Jacques harshly. During a revolt with master and slave, Jacques escaped and join the revolt with a man named, Toussaint L'Ouverture. Jean became a leader of the Revolution. After the revolt they joined the military and quickly rise up to leaders. Jean was unable to read or write, but he was excellent at combat strategy and nickname "The Tiger" for fierce battles.


Q : What is your opinion about slavery?

A : "Man was born free, but everywhere he is in chains. This man believes that he is the master of others, and still he is more of a slave than they are ."
Q: What kind of government the people will have?

A: "... An intermediary body established between the subjects and the sovereign for thier mutual communication, a body charged with the execution of the laws and the maintenance of freedom, both civil and Political."

Q; What would you like to say to the people of Haiti?

A: " I sacrificed everything to rally to your defense; family, children, fortune, and now I am rich only with your liberty"


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