Macbeth's Downfall

Ian Hornbeck


Many people in the play "Macbeth" had an effect on the down fall of Macbeth. In the beginning of the play Macbeth is greeted by by 3 very strange witches who say one line that Macbeth has no clue what it mean but will soon find out. The riddle they speak says "fair is foul, and foul is fair"(act1 scene1). This riddle is saying that the witches delight in all thing bad and making people confused. At the time Macbeth had a normal life but meeting these would soon make his life extraordinary. "Macbeth and Banquo meet the witches, who are briefly discussing the trouble they caused(act1 scene3). At this point in the play the witches already know the trouble they are bringing upon Macbeth. They know he will go crazy if he has great power insight. He will do anything to get to that power. "Next, a bloody child assures Macbeth that by someone born of a child"(act 4 scene1). Even though the witches know they are playing mind games with Macbeth they want him to suffer more than he already is. They tell him lies to make him think he is invincible and no one can hurt him. This all lead to Macbeth's downfall because once he got what he wanted he still would not be satisfied and would still strive for more. This leads to Macbeth creating many enemies that wanted to destroy him. Now did the witches warn him of that? no. They just let him dig his hole deeper and deeper until someone was finally fed up with him and just ended his life.
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Dynamic Character

In The book Macbeth's wife, Lady Macbeth, nags and nags at him about not being a man because he does not want to kill people to get to the Kings spot.But, Lady Macbeth has a different idea. She wants the power so bad she is willing to kill for it "To alter favor ever is to fear. Leave all the rest to me"(act 1 scene 6). She is saying that if he is too scared to do it that she will do it and be more of a man than him. This would effect Macbeth because if she would not of said that he wouldn't have to prove himself and most likely would not have gone on with the killing. But since he wants to show he is a man to his wife he has to kill to show he is in fact a man.
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The witches are hinting to the viewers throughout the whole play that something bad will happen to Macbeths if he keeps going through with all of these killings. Just to make himself feel powerful. "Banqou meet the witches, who are briefly discussing the trouble they have caused"(act 1 scene 3). This is hinting the consequences Macbeth will face for his actions. And hinting that since the witches will be telling him all of these false things he will get over confident and end up in a huge mess
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Macbeth does most of his killing with a dagger. The ironic part is that a few scenes before the killings starts he sees a dagger floating in front of him. Not only that the handle is pointing towards him. Is this a dagger i see in front of me, with its handle pointing toward me"?(act 2 scene 1). Ironically later on while killing his victims he did in fact use a dagger, One like he saw in his hallucination. Without that hallucination he may not of had the dagger to look for as a murder weapon and may have used something different.
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"ill make a man out of you" -Disney Mulan

In the movie "Mulan" a song comes on. In that song the women singing says a line "Ill make a man out of you"(Wilder). Now even though the witches are to blame for Macbeths down fall Lady Macbeth also had a huge part on saying that he is not a man unless he goes through with the killings. Like it says in the lyrics she is supposedly trying to make him a man.
Mulan - i'll make a man out of you

The Conjuring

The conjuring is about is about the supernatural messing with humans, and making them afraid. In Macbeth The witches are for and about everything bad and supernatural. The witches use mind games to mess with Macbeth into making him make bad decisions. And do that he would kill people and do bad things.
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