Mrs. Baker's Class


What is going on?

Math: The focus this week will be a continuation of the bridge to 10 strategy. Students will use patterns and relationships to develop strategies to remember basic addition and subtraction facts. An example of bridging to ten would be: 8+5 = 10 +3. Monday of this week, students will be taking their second short cycle assessment. The short cycle assessment is a teacher created test that covers all the content taught up to this point. On Thursday and Friday students will complete the Spiraling Pages; which spiral (review) the concepts taught prior. Problem solving is connected to everyday experiences; students will communicate, and use logical reasoning.

Science: The spotlight in science will be movement. Students will trace the changes in the position of an object, such as; a cup rolling on the floor and a car rolling down a ramp. Students will also compare patterns of movement of objects such as sliding, rolling and spinning. This week will be a fun-filled with multiple opportunities for hands on experiences to make movement come to life. This class should have no problems with this concept. Wink wink!

Reading: The big idea in reading will be sequencing. Students will retell or act out important events in stories in logical order while making connections to their own experiences. We will be using familiar texts such as Jack in the Beanstalk, and The Little Red Hen when sequencing. Students will also be competing a Daily 5 menu independently after read to self time. Those students who are in book clubs will be working on their chapter book and questions. Friday will be reserved for poetry.

Writing: The focus in writing this week will be FREE CHOICE!! Students will be given the opportunity to write in any format that they have learned up to this point; including, personal narrative, all about books, how to, and letter.

In the Loop

  • Chilling in Candy Land Saturday, Dec. 8 from 11 am - 2 pm (volunteers still needed - sign up I hope to see you there!
  • Library books and Homework due on Monday, Dec. 10 (there will not be any homework the week after next)
  • Mr. Stier will be subbing for me on Monday while I am out. If there are any urgent matters please write notes in your child's planner. He will not be able to use my email.
  • Class Winter Party is on Thursday, Dec. 20th