The Cost of Pursuing a Dream

Great Gatsby Project

What is the cost of pursuing a dream?

One of the most common result of pursuing a dream is a persn losing their purity. Purity is defined as the freedom from immorality. Therefore, every person's purity is something different based on personal morals as well as past experiences.

Inside Job and Greed is Good

According to both “Greed is Good,” a speech by Gordon Gekko, and “Inside Job,” a documentary on the secrets of Wall Street, management of the companies are not taking control of what is necessary. Instead, they are becoming lazy and losing their “purity” in a sense that they are not doing what they know is more beneficial for the company itself. The management of the Teldar Paper became so focused on reaching their dream of a life of luxuries and money without doing work that they forgot that they in fact, must remain “pure” to the stockholders of the company in order to give them what they deserve. This “purity” that the holders are looking for involves remaining focused on the goal for the company as a whole as well as staying true to their contracts and their previous morals. Similarly, in “Inside Job,” the management of multimillion dollar banks are just flat out stealing money from their companies and disregarding all moral compasses possible.

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The Great Gatsby

In the Great Gatsby, Daisy, one of the least pure characters in the book is often portrayed and made to look like the most innocent of all. When Daisy is first described when Nick sees her, she and Jordan are “both in white, and their dresses were rippling and fluttering as if they had just been blown back in after a short flight around the house,” (Fitzgerald 8). The women are described to be angelic and pure in all ways, for white is the ideal image of purity. However, under the pure cloak described, Daisy is actually in love with somebody other than her husband, a complete immorality against the implications of marriage.

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American Society Today

As a young girl, Miley Cyrus had a dream to become an international celebrity. She started off as a young girl who stuck to her morals and remained as pure as she had the ability to. However, as she grew older and became more and more popular and changed her image of the young Disney star, Miley started going against the morals she was raised with. The once innocent star began going to the extreme to get people’s attention across the globe, whether it is good or bad attention she does not care. From dancing provocatively onstage to smoking marijuana, Miley Cyrus completely disintegrated the past image of a pure angel from Tennessee and achieved her goal of becoming an international star at the price of her purity. This leads many people to believe that America in general is losing their moral compass because she is gaining popularity for the wrong reasons. On a greater scale, the ideal American society is one where the citizens can trust their government leaders to make the best decision for the nation as a whole. When searching for this dream in which leaders can be trusted, people can become brainwashed into believing a candidate that has the power to win an election is proposing even if it is immoral. According to Randall Harrison, a writer for the Times Herald, “we have become feeble, permissive and promiscuous,” in regards to our choice of leadership in the nation. Therefore, we are going against what we previously believed in, or losing purity in beliefs, and taking a risk of letting the whole nation suffer something immoral


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