The War in Iraq

NATO intervention has done more good than harm.

Helped Build Iraq's Democratic Government

Before the U.S., UK, and other NATO countries intervened, Iraq was a safe haven for terrorists led by the dictator Saddam Hussein. Terrorists knew that they would know be persecuted while staying in Iraq, and the Iraqi government was unjust and cruel. Following the intervention, a new government has been created that has helped build Iraq into a friendly country.

Has let Terrorists know that they cannot reign terror so easily

Forces like the new Iraqi Armed Forces, the US Marines, Army, Navy, and Air Force, and the British Army are very well equipped with state of the art guns, planes, helicopters, ships, tanks, and APCs. Many extremist groups are only armed with hand me down assault rifles, rocket launchers, and other weapons from the former Soviet Union. There are a lot of militants, but quality should always be over quantity. He only way they can easily get armored vehicles is to add armor to factory made vehicles (Low quality) or to capture them. (Risks damaging it beyond repair on the act of stealing it.)

Has Saved Countless Lives

The intervention has also let civilians know that there are people who will help them and not just sit back and watch. The terrorists are not real Muslims, as Islam specifically says in the Quran (The holy book of Islam) that whoever kills another will go to hell upon death and judgement by God. Civilians are nearly helpless, and many people who fight the terrorists by force are even more poorly equipped than they are. The professional work of the US and UK in the Middle East has saved countless lives.