Games to play with your girl model

Fun Activities to Do on Your Next Date Night with A Model

Fun Activities to Do on Your Next Date Night with A Model

Looking for something different to do on your next date night with the bunny models? Why don't you play a game of "Funny Jenga" or " Twister"? We picked together some expert-approved activities for couples to attempt, ranging from romantic to funny, to have some fun, explore one other's thoughts, and learn more about each other.

Make Use of Your Mouth

It's a card game called Use Your Mouth. They're discussion starter cards, so they're perfect for folks who want to try new things and ask questions they wouldn't ordinarily ask.


This is one of the most popular board games for couples. The Monogamy Board Game is a great way to get people talking and have a good time. It has over 400 suggestions for inspiration and is a great method to break free from a rut.

Fog of Love

Fog of Love is a two-player board game in which you and your bunny model must navigate a fictitious romance. Each of you has two characters that fall in love, and it's up to you to keep them together. You'll go through ups and downs, laughter, and a good bit of uncomfortable talks and compromise as this pair. Are you ready to accept the task?

Exploration for 52 Weeks

This deck of cards is an excellent method for you and your companion to try something new, both romantic and naughty. Each card in the exploration Vouchers deck has a unique assignment, with one half being sweeter and the other being a little funny.

Confessions of a Lover

It's like a weird cross between Truth or Dares and Would You Rather. Each card presents you with a "would you rather" question, which you may play with up to five people or alone. You must forfeit if you do not wish to answer the question. You can play this game without drinking, and the "forfeit" take may be whatever you wish.

Pong with a beer

For beer pong fans, you can simply customise this traditional drinking game for couples by placing truth-or-dare questions or chores under each of your cups. Put your pieces of paper under the cups and position them in a pyramid configuration on either end of the table, much like standard beer pong. When you acquire a ball in that cup, your independent model must either respond to the questions or do the dare under it.

A Lie and Two Truths

What is the extent to which you and your spouse truly understand one other? With a few games of two facts and a lie, you'll certainly find out. The nicest aspect about this game is that you may add chores to make it more difficult if you or your companion get the answer wrong. The possibilities are unlimited, whether you make it into a drinking contest where you drink a sip for each incorrect question or come up with activities like a massage or a domestic job.


This board game, known as Nookii, becomes increasingly personal. As you're urged to explore each other's bodies, it's all about the teasing and developing suspense. If you're enjoying a little clock-induced tension, it even includes a small timer. You can, of course, ignore the timer and go at your own pace.

Whether you're just starting out dating with an independent model or have been together for a long, every couple can find a way to add a bit extra fun to their relationship. With several games to pick from, you can have a good time, spice up your bedroom, and discover more about each other while having fun.

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