Nassau, Bahamas

Katherine Townsend

When you visit Nassau, Bahamas it will be a vacation you will never forget.


The food here just might interest you so come on and try it.Most of the food here is seafood and the food that typically grows here are bananas, citrus fruits, sugar cane, tomatoes, and other vegtables. You dont like seafood, no problem they have all kinds of food that your whole family will enjoy. But if you do realy like seafood then this place will be like heaven when you taste the food here.  


There is so much culture and arts in the Bahamas you wouldn't believe how much you will learn after your vacation.Comon clothing is usually casual except in Nassau its more formal. The religion percentages here are 35% Babtist, 15% Anglican, 14% Methodist, and 15% adherents of other protestant religions, and the remaning 4% don't have a religion. So if your one of these religions and your on vacation but you still want to learn about your religion, go right ahead. Some traditional Bahamians paintings are usually history, religion, nature, or folktale themed. If you like to learn, the Bahamas are always open for you to come and visit.


The Bahamas are a #1 tourist attraction, yes the Bahamas are that good. More than 1 1/4 million tourist visit the Bahamas each year. If you have a family fullf kids Nassau would be the place for you, because Nassau is the most kid friendly place on the islands. Some of the most popular activities to do during the day at the Bahamas are swimming, boating, sailing, diving, snorkeling, fishing, birdwatching, gabeling, and hiking. As you can see there are lots of water activities here because the Bahamas are islands and anywhere you go you can always find water.There is lots of things to do here so the fun never stops. 


There are so many gorgeous sites you cant count them all.The land area of the Bahamas is 5,359 square miles which happens to be a little larger than Conneticut. The Bahamas contains about 700 islands and about 2,300 reefs and islets. San Salvador is the island that Christopher Columbus visited and he was also the one who put the Bahamas on the map. Also in Green Turtle Cay there is New Plymouths jail that is now a visitors attraction. So wherever go on the island there's always something new to see.


Like most places there is a main language but many other languages too. The official language is English but they also speak French. Even though Bahamians speak English like we do their pronounciation is different. This is an example of how they pronounce words:"them" becomes dem, "woman" ooman, "man" mon, and "thought" tot, ect. Although they speak with an accent Immigrants from Haiti speak Hatian Creole. So the people here mostly speak the same but dont sound the same as we do in the United States.


You will experience beautiful tropical weather whenever you visit the Bahamas. Usually tempatures on average in the winter are 72 degrees and in the summer 85 degrees. The hottest months of the year are from June to September and the coldest are from January to Febuary. Then for the rest of the year from March to May and October to December is in the middle. Luckily the tempature never gets to cold or to hot there so you can do activities all day.