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Written by the Goff Newspaper Team, 1/18/17

Girls Basketball

By: Kamea

The girls season been great! it has been great working with everyone including the coaches. We had a game on the 10th of January . We love basketball and if you want more info go to any of the basketball players. Enjoy!

Classroom Events - Egypt Projects

By: Tarsha

Hello everyone. Today I have a special report on the Ancient Egypt projects on display in the Goff library. Mrs. Marcello’s 5th period social studies class have just finished a unit on Ancient Egypt. There are three projects on display by Brianna, Andrea, and Ashley. These are very detailed, and probably took a lot of work. Goff library also has a selection of Ancient Egypt books to choose from if you are interested in reading and learning more about Ancient Egypt. I think Mrs. Marcello’s class did an awesome job on these projects and should be very proud of themselves.

My next special report this week is about our Goff library “Bill Of Rights” display. Come to Goff library to read, and learn more about our 225 year old bill of rights. Mrs. Alexandre has also put out a selection of books to choose from, to help you learn more about the Bill of Rights, and help you get to know why we have the Bill of Rights for. Visit the school’s library before it’s too late.

Until next time, this was your weekly book recommendation reporter Tarsha here for our special report. Tune in next week.

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Book Recommendation

By: Tarsha

Hello everyone! This is Goff Gazette newspaper book recommendation reporter Tarsha, back with a new book for you guys this week. This weeks book is called First life by Gena Showalter. This book is very interesting, and is very well written. I will give you a little summary of this book, as in all of the other book recommendations I always spoil a little bit (more like a lot) of the story that I want you to read.

This book will make you not want to stop reading, as it is quite interesting as I said before. Tenley Lockwood is an average seventeen-year-old girl…who has spent the past thirteen months locked inside the Prynne Asylum. What is a Prynne Asylum you all may be asking. Well since I am amazingly smart (I wouldn’t say amazingly, more like AWESOMELY smart) I will tell you. A Prynne Asylum is a sort of place someone stays or is locked away for a certain reason by someone or something they did. In this book two realms are in power: Troika and Myriad, longtime enemies and deadly rivals. Both will do anything to recruit Tenley, including sending their top Laborers to lure Tenley to their side. As you see Tenley wants to live her own life, and her parents won't let her choose which afterlife realm she wants to be in, but the twist is that she is dead, and in the afterlife. But if you read the book you will understand it more.

Okay, enough about this book. Now I want you to read this book, and see how awesome it is. Visit your local or school library to see if this book might be available for you! Again this is reporter Tarsha, Goff Gazette Newspaper Book Recommendation writer. Check back next week to see what new books I have for you. Well, what are you waiting for!

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Goff Top 5 - Sports

By: Anthony

Hello, welcome to the top 5 section of the newsletter. In this section you will see the results from last week and vote for this week's top 5. Below is a link you can pick one answer for which is your favorite out of these 10 choices 5 of them will be chosen as the top 5. I hope you enjoy this section and that your favorite choice gets in.

Comics and Jokes

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By: Ashley

You calling me a liar?

Well I ain't calling you a truther!












2 people were driving to disneyland

The sign said:

Disneyland Left

So they started crying and went home

A thief broke into my house last night

He started searching for money so I got up and searched with him

Why didn’t the vampire attack Taylor Swift

She had bad blood

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Yearbooks Found In The Library, Whats Inside?

By: Ashley

Students have discovered some mysterious yearbooks in the library from past years at Goff Junior high school. There is a vast range of years from the year 1975 through 2010! Some of our teachers at Goff Junior High have been teaching here for more years than you think. That one teacher that you would think have been teaching here for 1 or 2 years they might have been working here for 10 to 15 years. Some students have even found family members who have came to school here before in the past. If you would like to see some of these yearbooks come to the library and ask Ms. Alexandre.

These are the amount of current teachers that started teaching at Goff during specific years!

2010- 2 teachers

2009- 1 teachers

2007- 4 teachers

2006- 0 teachers

2005- 1 teacher

2004- 3 teachers

2003- 3 teachers

2002- 3 teachers

2001- 3 teachers

2000- 2 teachers

1998- 1 teacher

1997- 1 teacher

1995- 1 teacher

1975- 1 teacher

Now that you know how many years some teachers have been working here for, here is a challenge for you! We had one teacher that still works here from the year 1975. We are going to give you the picture of the teacher back then and then you get to guess who it is.

Who is the teacher pictured below, in this picture from 1975? The first 5 people to submit their responses to Mrs. Alexandre in the library (and are correct) will receive 5 Goff bucks.
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After School Clubs - NASA Club

By: Ashley

The NASA club is a club where they study a lot of things related to science.Some of the things they study are climate change and how clouds affect climate change. The NASA club is ran by Ms. Haire and Maureen Peppin who is the other adviser. There are 10 kids in the NASA club who like to study science. There are mostly 6th and 8th graders in this club with only 1 or 2 7th graders. These kids will be doing a research project and eventually it will be submitted to a state contest. Most of the kids in the NASA club want to be scientists when they are older. The advisers of this club are trying to find a day where the kids can video chat with NASA scientists. This after school program runs on Mondays from 2:35-4:30.

Bonus Top 5 Survey!

By: Mariam

Advise from The Pack

Q: I really like this girl. But so does someone else. They don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. How do I ask her out without hurting my friend?

A: Talk to your friend about it and if they don’t want you to ask the person out because they can’t accept it, don’t lose your friendship over a person that might not even work especially if you guys have been friends for a long time. There’s more fish in the sea.

- Beta

Q: Why is it called "The Pack¨?

A: The reason we call ourselves The Pack is because wolf packs stick together, even through the toughest times. We admired the way that wolves stick together. Therefore, we set aside our differences and work together to complete any task that is thrown at us. No one has a small task in our pack because each wolf has a role that benefits to the success and the strength of the pack.

- Omega

Interview of the Week - Mr.Asselin

By: Sabrina

Hello Goff Students and Staff! This weeks teacher of choice is Mr. Asselin! Read on to learn about another one of Goffs teachers.

1. How is your experience at Goff so far?

A. My experience at Goff has been great, I'm glad I moved here.

2.How long have you been a teacher, what grades have you taught, and what subjects have you taught?

A. I have been teaching since 2006 and have always taught Geography, History and civics.

3. Do you have any hobbies you'd like to share with the school?

A. My hobbies include skydiving, lion tamer, part time pro wrestler, mountain climber and pastry chef.

4. If you weren't a teacher what job would you want to have?

A. If I wasn't a teacher I would be the WWE Universal Champion

Lost and Found

1.) A ring was found in the girl's bathroom.

2.) A pair of ear buds was found.

Items are being held in the main office.

Student Editor - Kira

Teacher Editors - Mrs. Alexandre and Mrs. Choina