The Air-Sea Connection

what makes the ocean and the atmosphere connected

there some things that we don't know about the Atmosphere but we can find out some ways to learn more about our Atmosphere.
Beyond the ionosphere lies the exosphere. This tenuous portion of the Earth's atmosphere extends outward until it interacts with the solar wind. Solar storms compress the exosphere. When the sun is tranquil, this layer extends further outward. Its top ranges from 620 miles (1,000 kilometers) to 6,214 miles (10,000 kilometers) above the surface, where it merges with interplanetary space.

sun going down in the horizon

facts about the atmosphere

Next comes the mesosphere. In this layer, the air temperature drops again, down to nearly -180 degrees Fahrenheit (-120 degrees Celsius) at the top. Meteors generally burn up in the mesosphere, which extends to a height of about 52 miles (85 kilometers). This is why the Earth's surface isn't pocked with meteor craters, like the moon's.

it is dark in the atmosphere