What we did this year By: John Burgess


We made a video on....

How to do something.

You can make your own video from scratch.

you can add music or sound affects.

Haiku Deck

We made a project on are career.

It is a nice app to present stuff in a nice and neat way.

You can put background pictures behind your fact or information.

Explain Everything

You can do show somebody how to do something.

You can talk and tell them how, you can draw and talk at the same time, you can point with a laser.

The app is easy to work with too.

Go animate

you can present things like a comic movie.

you can add text and people will talk.

you can make things move and at the end it will look like a movie.


You present stuff in a movie but it is only a 1:00 to 1:30.

You add pictures and small parts of a video.

You can pick about 10 to 12 trailers.