Smore Promoter - Connected Accounts

Quick summary

Smore Promoter is integrated with Facebook and Twitter so it need your permissions to "post on your behalf".

Smore will never post anything without your immediate permission to do so.

What are connected accounts?

Smore Promoter integrates with social networks to help you promote your flyer. So, for example, if you want to promote your flyer on your Facebook Page, Smore needs access to your Facebook account to post on your behalf.

What are permissions?

Facebook and Twitter allow 3rd party apps like Smore to "connect" to them. What this means is that the Smore website has limited access to your Facebook or Twitter account and can do a few things on your behalf.

The list of things that Smore is allowed to do is called "permissions". Facebook defines a wide list of permissions that apps like Smore can request. Twitter has a simpler but similar model.

Smore only asks for the minimal set of permissions that it needs to make Promoter work.

Privacy settings:

What permissions does Smore need and why?

(Note: this list is subject to change based on updates to Smore Promoter and other features)


  • Manage Pages: This allows Promoter to see what Facebook Pages you manage and also allows Smore to post to these pages.
  • Publish Stream: This allows Promoter to post on your Timeline.
  • User Groups: This allows Promoter to see what Facebook groups you're a member of, and to post in these groups.


  • Read/Write permissions: This allows Promoter to tweet on your behalf.

If I give Smore permissions, will Smore be able to read my Facebook feed or my tweets?

  • Smore will not be able to read your personal Facebook feed.
  • Smore will be able to read posts on your managed pages (Timeline posts, not messages).
  • Smore will be able to read your tweets.

However, Smore will never read your tweets or your Facebook posts.

What do you mean by "post" or "tweet on my behalf"?

When you tweet or post using any 3rd party app (such as TweetDeck, HootSuite, or any other), the app is posting on your behalf. This doesn't mean that it's doing it independent of user action.

Smore Promoter (or any other part of Smore) will never post on your behalf, on any service, without your express permission to post that specific post.

Can I revoke Smore's access to my account later on?

Of course. Facebook and Twitter make this very easy. Just follow the following links and revoke Smore's access ("Smore Flyers" on Twitter):

Revoking access on Facebook

Revoking access on Twitter

I have more questions about permissions and connected accounts.

Please contact our support through the "Help" button on the site toolbar.

Note that paying users get priority support and we cannot guarantee an answer to free users.