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Weekly Update September 2, 2015

Know Your Why!!

Do you remember why you decided to start your journey with Origami Owl? Has that reason evolved or changed as you have progressed down the O2 path? I know mine has! It is so important that we identify that "Why" and re-evaluate what is driving us to succeed. Make sure to set your goals each month. Don't just think them, right them down and keep them in clear sight. Use a visual if this will help you. Trust me, this works. Someone much smarter than me once said "An unwritten goal is simply an idea." Let's turn those ideas into not only goals but successes!

September Customer Special

Free Customer Gift with Purchase*

Black, white and gorgeous! Beginning September 1, enchant your customers with this month’s Business Program. It’s the perfect way to boost your sales, encourage new Hostesses to schedule Jewelry Bars and drive traffic to your O2 personal website.

Your customers will receive a special treat FREE, valued at $54 USD | $64 CAD retail with a purchase of $85 USD | $99 CAD during the month of September:

  • Silver 32” Flat Oval Link Chain (CN5004, $22 USD | $26 CAD Retail)
  • White Enamel Twist Face (BZ4008, $16 USD | $19 CAD Retail)
  • Black Enamel Twist Face (BZ4011, $16 USD | $19 CAD Retail)

Help your customers reach $85 USD | $99 CAD retail to earn this amazing free gift with purchase!

  • Encourage customers to order a Locket Base, Lanyard Locket or a Watch Base. This Gift with Purchase helps complete their looks and add versatility – for free!
  • Get to know their story and recommend meaningful charms that will be close to their heart, or suggest our new Halloween Charms. Halloween pairs perfectly with this Gift with Purchase.
  • Remind them to order a Dangle (or two) to complete the look.

This Gift with Purchase is also the perfect reason to reach out to your loyal customers who love Halloween, are college sports fanatics, or who just purchased a Watch Base. And who doesn’t love getting something for free? Be sure to tell everyone about this month’s customer promotion.

*Locket Base not included. Substitutions may apply. Available on September 1, 2015 at noon (CDT) through 11:59 p.m. (CDT) on September 30. Customer gift will automatically be applied at checkout. PV is earned based on actual retail purchase amount, not on value of free gift with purchase. Gift with Purchase can be added to a Jewelry Bar by placing the order through the Designer Personal Website and adding the Jewelry Bar code at checkout. See the Gift with Purchase FAQs for additional information.

Take advantage of this exciting time to schedule Fall Jewelry Bars using the tools and resources below.

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Halloween Charms Now Available!

New Halloween charms are available to order in your back office as a designer order. They will be available September 1 for your customers to order.

  • Limited Edition Flying Witch
    • SKU#: CH1951
    • $6 USD | $7 CAN
  • Limited Edition Skull with Pink Bow
    • SKU#: CH1952
    • $6 USD | $7 CAN
  • Limited Edition Olive Mummy
    • SKU#: CH1950
    • $6 USD | $7 CAN
  • Limited Edition Purple Velvet Round Swarovski Crystal
    • SKU#: CH1859
    • $6 USD | $7 CAN
  • Limited Edition Candy Corn Charm
    • SKU#: CH1919
    • $6 USD | $7 CAN
  • Limited Edition Haunted House Globe Charm
    • SKU#: CH1922
    • $6 USD | $7 CAN
  • Limited Edition Jack O’Lantern Charm
    • SKU#: CH1923
    • $6 USD | $7 CAN
  • Inscriptions Large Black Round Halloween Plate
    (Available until October 31, 2015 at 11:59 p.m. CDT)

    • SKU#: IPB9201
    • $16 USD | $19 CAN

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New Products Now Available to Order!

The New Bag Clip + Key Rings, Dangle Catchers, Black Crystal Cross Dangle and Collegiate charms are now available for ordering in your back office. Make sure to add the Ghost Armour to protect your lockets when using the Bag Clip + Key Rings.

Our new Product Travel Bags and display fixtures are also available to order under the business supply order.

Collegiate School Spirit packs are available now for $97.50 USD | $116.50 CAD (wholesale) and include charms that feature your favorite team. Packs include your choice of 15 of the most supported schools in our best-selling regions, along with a pack of Rack Cards and an Authenticity Card. The Collegiate Rack Cards and Authenticity Cards are also available for purchase in your Back office.

Lead Pool

Do you all know how to qualify for the lead pool that the Nest pays out each quarter? By simply being consistent with your business and submitting $99 PV each month, you will be included in the payout. The last payout was over $60! Remember, it's just Free Money for being an active designer each month!

Marketing Calendar

How awesome is it that the Nest is giving us a calendar showing all of the important dates that impact our business???
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Who's Going to Cancun???

Earn point through our NEW My O2 Rewards and you or you and guest will be enjoying the sun in Cancun O2 Style! It only takes 40 Points to earn the trip for you or 50 Points to earn the trip for you and a guest! The period to earn the trip is from July 1 - December 31, 2015 and you will earn DOUBLE POINTS for July and August!!!!! How amazing is that??? Check out to learn more about the points system and please contact your mentor with any questions you might have! See you in Cancun!
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Charming Designers Facebook Page

I would love to have you all on our team Facebook page. If you are not a member of the Charming Designers page and would like to be, please go to and request to join. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime.

So Excited!

Wow, can you believe Fall is upon us already?? Where has this year gone? Let's jump in and make this fall season a season of success. I want to help your make that happen! Please contact me if you need anything at all!!!

Thank you so much,

Laura Ausbrooks

Executive Team Leader

Charming Designers