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February 2022

Principal's Corner

Dear Ben Franklin Bolt Community:

It is hard to believe marking period two has come to an end and half of this very unique and challenging school year has been completed. While this has once again been a very challenging school year, it is our hope that all of you are feeling positive about the development of your student’s academic and social emotional growth. As we move forward into the third marking period, it will continue to be our goal to develop our students to be lifelong learners who have competence and strength of character, while realizing their aspirations as they thoughtfully contribute to a diverse and ever changing world !

During the month of February we have exciting programs and events that will allow students to continue growing academically and socially. We will focus on celebrating Black History Month as we continue to promote culture into our very diverse community. We will be hosting the Commission for the Blind to assess our students' eyesight. The Sheriff's office will be in to conduct Fingerprinting on February18 for our Kindergarten and new students. Our Student Council will be raising awareness and funds to fight Cancer through the Go Red for Heart Program as we ask all to wear Red on Friday February 11. We look forward to celebrating the 100th day of school on February 14 and we look forward to honoring our School Counselor, Ms. Kole as it is School Counselor appreciation week February 7-11. Congratulations Ms. Kole and thanks for all your support and help you provide to our students and their families.

School is closed for Lunar New Year February 1,and for President’s day February 21. Second Marking.Report cards will be posted to the Parent Portal on February 15. An author will be visiting virtually(Kevin Kurtz) on Feb 8/10 for our grade 3/4/5 students and we look forward to showing off our Ben Franklin Bolt Talent with our Virtual Drama Club Auditions on February 24..

As we start the third marking period, please know we will continue to keep you updated on any changes through open lines of communication. Please continue to check the School and District websites and your personal email for updated information. We encourage you to contact us with any suggestions or ideas as we would love to hear your input with the hopes you will get involved and become active participants to create the partnership that is needed to further OUR success for our students and the community.

Wishing our entire Ben Franklin Bolt Community the best! Please be well,Healthy and Safe. Continue to find and make the time to smile, laugh and breath. Remember to Be a Bolt and Let your Lightning Shine!!

Mr. Preville


Assistant Principal's Corner

Dear BEN Bolt Community,

We can hardly believe that the school year is halfway over! The 100th day of school is upon us in the next few weeks. We have had many incredible opportunities, events and activities thus far, and there is much more to come.

We will be launching our school store this month, infomercial is below. We are also participating in a school-wide publishing project, funded through our Title 1 funds. Students will work on publishing a piece with their classmates, and each student's published piece will be included in the homeroom's book. Each student will receive a copy of their homeroom's book as well as we will have a copy in the school library. We are so excited that each and every one of our students, Kindergarten-Fifth grade, will have the opportunity to become a published author.

Please don't forget to check out our events reminder at the end of the newsletter as well as the February Action for Happiness calendar, which encourages us to be kind to everyone around us.

Thank you and please continue to reach out with any questions, comments, concerns, or ideas,

Dr. Nieves

Bolts School Store Is Opening Soon!

Our new school store is almost ready to open. All students have already been provided their Bolt Buck wallets, the School Store has been remolded, and some of our Peer Leaders have finalized a fantastic infomercial explaining how everything is going to work.

If you haven't already done so, click on the video below to learn how the new School Store will look and Function.

Start earning those Bolt Bucks so you can spend them on the cool new items that you value the most.


School Counselor Newsletter, February 2022

Focus of this newsletter:

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the act of being fully present in the moment. It is a practice, the practice of tuning into the here and now. When we focus on centering our thoughts to the present moment, there are many benefits. It helps us to be kind and gentle with self. It greatly impacts our ability to be aware of what we need. When we feel more calm, focused and connected, it helps to be more aware of self and others around us.

Nurse's Corner

Vaccination Records

Hello Parents and Guardians:

If your child has received any Covid vaccinations please submit a copy of the card to the Nurses Office so it can be recorded. Having the vaccine series will help reduce the chance is severe illness and the days needed to quarantine if exposed. Thank you for your help in fighting the Covid -19 virus.

Regards, Karen Julian

P.T.A. Information & Updates

Congratulations to our Winners of the "Who is Benny" Contest

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We are lucky enough to have started our "Who is Benny" contest, where the students watch and listen to a surprise guest reading from Benny the Bolt. After the students watch and listen to the reading of the story, they get to guess who they believe "Benny" was.

The First Winners are: From K-2: Legacy Worgs and From 3-5: Jaylani Perez.

The class in each grade that had the highest percentage participation in the contest were:

Kindergarten: Mrs. Devestern

First : Ms. Miller

Second : Mrs. Aravena

Third : Mrs. Nuzzo

Fourth : Mrs. Meisner

Fifth : Mrs. Plodzien

The Winners of the January 31st "Who is Benny" contest are:

Saad Khan

Ovindi Walgampola

Aiden Yap

Humera Shaikh

Zoya Khaji Shaik

Anjanette Torres

The Classroom's that had the Best overall Participation are:

Ms. Cherukara

Mrs. Tornambe

Mrs. Hyjack

Mrs. Aravena

Ms. Crowley

Mrs. Parker

Mr. Pedersen

Mrs. ScottoDiCarlo

During the month of February, we celebrate Black History Month and Lunar New Year.

Black History Month

Ms. Kole's Library

Ms. Kole has created an incredible library containing so many tiltes of Black History Books for you to have a chance to take a look at.

Click here, to see her "books".

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Lunar New Year By: Hannah Eliot

After the winter solstice each year, it’s time for a celebration with many names: Chinese New Year, Spring Festival, and Lunar New Year! With beautiful artwork by Chinese illustrator Alina Chau, this festive board book teaches readers that Lunar New Year invites us to spend time with family and friends, to light lanterns, and set off fireworks, dance with dragons, and to live the new year in harmony and happiness.

Big picture
Lunar New Year - read aloud

Fun Family Activity

Easy paper dragon craft with accordion folds| Chinese New year craft ideas for kids|Puppet craft

The P.E. & Music Teachers Showcase the Wheel of Education! All they need is U!

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Congratulations December Student's of the Month!

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Spotlight of the Month : Fifth Grade

"Your Legacy is every life you've touched." ~ Maya Angelou

All students across fifth grade are taking part in different Legacy activities. These activities pave the way for the students to start creating their own Legacy Goals.

Students study and examine words that they aspire to exhibit in daily life as well as Life Goals that they will create a plans in order to achieve one day!

Club Spotlights for the Month!

The Garden Club!

The Garden Club is comprised of 4th and 5th grade students along with students from the Self Contained Classes. The clubs goals for the year are as follows:
  1. Students will be introduced to the art and science of gardening.

  2. Students will learn about the plant cycle, pollination, nutrition through hands-on experiences.

  3. This club will foster student leadership skills, life skills, and a sense of responsibility to maintain and grow a school community garden using our 4 raised garden beds (located in the courtyard) as well as our 3 tower gardens.

  4. This club will promote a buddy system with our self-contained classes to create relationships and assume the responsibilities of maintaining the indoor and outdoor gardens together.

  5. Students will utilize their reading, writing, math, science, and social studies skills to take our school garden to the next level.

  6. Students will assume responsibility for garden planning, care, and maintenance by watering, weeding, planting, and checking ph levels of water for our tower gardens.

  7. We will establish school community connections by offering our produce to our lunch program.

  8. This club will expose the students to a variety of locally grown produce and provide tastings during our seasonal harvest times.

  9. Students will gain an understanding of what foods grow in each season as well as understand the nutritional and environmental value of consuming foods within their season.

  10. We will utilize content to create meaningful activities from the following resource: The School Garden Curriculum: An Integrated K-8 Guide for Discovering Science, Ecology, and Whole-Systems Thinking” By Kaci Rae Christopher

To date, the students of the Garden Club have cleaned up the Courtyard area and prepped it for Spring Planting Season as well as have utilized their three Tower Gardens to begin producing produce through the winter months.

Team Franklin

Team Franklin is a Student Leadership Club comprised of recruited Student Ambassadors from the 4th and 5th grades. This club provides these students a platform to find ways to aid in the betterment of the school and community. Through partnerships with the American Dairy Association, the American Heart Association and the NFL, the students hard work is realized. Some of the most amazing accomplishments of the club have been:

  1. Changing the lunch trays from styrofoam to a more eco friendly recyclable fiber tray
  2. Getting Smoothies and Parfaits added to the Lunch Menu
  3. Developing new smoothie recipes and serving them to the staff as a healthy breakfast
  4. Cleaning up the Courtyard to create an outdoor classroom
  5. Starting a School Garden
  6. Revamping all Recess areas as well as the Playground
  7. Hosting countless Community Nights such as Family Fitness Nights, and Community Wellness Nights
  8. Accumulating close to $30,000.00 in grant money to continue making school improvements

In return for the students dedication and hard work, they receive opportunities to meet and workout with NFL players. Visit MetLife Stadium as well as local dairy farms that support our community in addition to the pride felt from making positive changes for themselves and their peers of the Ben Franklin Community.

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The Buddy Program!

As a Unified Champion District and Play Unified School we make a commitment to: create and provide meaningful opportunities for special education and general education students to interact with one another and build positive relationships and experiences with one another.. One of our goals is to be impactful and create positive change in our school climate by promoting the message of inclusion and equity. We recognize, encourage, and support all social inclusion. Our Buddy program meets once a month. So far, this year we have raised money through Special Olympics Turkey Splash (Polar Plunge), we have practiced Unified Sports activities such as a Thanksgiving themed relay race, and got into the holiday spirit with our winter carnival games, which promoted collaboration and teamwork. Coming up, we plan on practicing movement with yoga and freeze dance., and more teamwork/collaboration with a scavenger hunt. Overall, we hope our students build connections, experience success and have fun together.

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February Books of the Month

Hidden Figures: The True Story of Four Black Women and the Space Race By: Margot Shetterly

Margot Lee Shetterly and Coretta Scott King Illustrator Honor Award winner Laura Freeman bring the incredibly inspiring true story of four black women who helped NASA launch men into space to picture book readers!

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👧 Kids Books Read Aloud: Hidden Figures Read Aloud by Margot Lee Shetterly

Fun Family Activity

Black History Crafts for Kids

Presidents' Day By: Anne Rockwell

For Presidents' Day, the students in Mrs. Maoff's class know just how to celebrate: by putting on a play about prominent figures in American history, including George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.
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Mrs. Kim Reads Presidents' Day (READ-ALOUD)

Fun Family Activity

President's Day Craft - Lincoln's Cabin

The Night Before Groundhog Day By: Natasha Wing’s

The anticipation is building: Will the groundhog see his shadow? Will there be six more weeks of winter? Get ready for this festive occasion with the countdown to Groundhog Day in this fun, rhyming story told in the style of Clement C. Moore's holiday poem.
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The Night Before Groundhog Day read aloud

Fun Family Activity

Fun Groundhog Day Craft

Virtual Author Visit with Kevin Kurtz!

Author Kevin Kurtz will be joining the Third-Fifth grade students of Benjamin Franklin in a read along of some of his amazing books.

This will be taking place on February 8th and 10th of 2022!

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Bolts Talent Show

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Stay tuned to find out if your Talent has been approved to be part of this amazing Talent Show. All approved acts will be notified by February 11th. Start practicing now so you are ready to shine!

The Month in Review!

Bolts Spirit Week

Students and Teacher from around the building show off their spirt and joy of being at Benjamin Franklin School!

I Will Change The World By...

Students from Mrs. Facendo's and Ms. Koncius' class make pledges to change the world for the better!
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Word Collectors!

Mrs. Nuzzo's class read the book "The Word Collector" by Peter H. Reynolds. We collected words in our reading and words we saw around us. We created collages to show our new words.

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Parent University Virtual Math Night!

A virtual Math night was held earlier this month to help parents better understand the work that is being done to support their children in Math.

Virtual Authors Visit with Chrysa Smith

Mrs. Smith, the Author of, "The Upside-Down Gardener" was nice enough to virtually visit Ben Franklin and share a read along of her book to all of the first and second graders in the building. Mrs. Smith also shared all about how a book goes from thought to print on paper and then took the time to answer the many questions the students had. Some students will even be receiving personalized books from Mrs. Smith.
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The Upside-Down Gardener Overview

Determined city girl Dory Oslo, unwillingly agrees when her mom tells her she should plant a garden. How could something grow in their city plot with only a piece of sun shining above the buildings? Her determination to wake up those plants is strong and what follows is nothing short of a miracle. Only something highly unusual is happening, or is it? This story uses gardening as a tie-in to discussions about not giving up, trying something new, being a strong-minded girl and of course, the beauty of nature itself.

🌼 Kids Book Read Aloud: THE UPSIDE-DOWN GARDENER by Chrysa Smith and Pat Achilles

Upcoming Dates:

February 1: School is closed, Lunar New Year

February 2: Groundhog Day

February 2,3,4 : Commission for the Blind

February 4: School Spirit Day

February 7: First "Who is Benny: video will be released

February 8 & 10: Virtual Author Visit with Kevin Kurtz

February 11: Votes for "WHO IS BENNY" are due

February 17: Staff Wellness Day, "Lunch and Learn Event", Grab and Go Lunch and Massages.

February 22: Second "Who is Benny" video will be released

February 25: Votes for "Who is Benny" are due

Club Meetings:

February 2: Broadcasting Club 8:15 am, Board Game Social Club, 3:45 pm

February 3: Team Franklin 8:00 am, Peer Leadership Mtg. (lunch)

February 9: Safety Patrol Meeting; Garden Club; and STEM

February 11: Kindness Club

February 14: Team Franklin Special Meeting 8:00am

February 16: Board Game Club

February 17: Virtual Drama Club

February 23: Garden Club

February 25: Kindness Club

Action for Happiness

Friendly February- Let's be kind and friendly to everyone around us!
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