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Weekly Newsletter December 9, 2016 Week 15

It's Friday! One week until Christmas Break!

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Believe in Them...

Chen Miller is an extraordinary teacher in Israel
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Apology Accepted!

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6th Grade Presents an Apology Pie to Mr. Westbrook

After a recent field trip, our sixth grade student were lauded for their great behavior during their visit to The Texas Freshwater Fish Hatchery in Athens, Texas, but they got into some hot water over leaving the bus a big mess. They redeemed themselves with a homemade pecan pie and a letter to Mr. Westbrook apologizing. In all fairness, they did arrive late back to the school and didn't have time to clean it up before the afternoon bus route was run. All's well that ends well. Thank you sixth grade for setting a good example of making amends! The pie was pecan, Mr. Westbrook's favorite!

Great Art Work by Deavion and Jossalin on the Apology Letter to Mr. Westbrook!

Sixth Graders Get a Lesson in Following Directions

It is very important to follow directions, but it is even more important to WRITE good directions. Mrs. Matthews's ELA classes wrote directions for creating a paper product. After creating the product, students had to write directions on how to do it. Then the classes switched the directions to create their paper product with other classes. The students in the other classes had to follow the directions and create the product without knowing what the end product would be. It was entertaining watching students trying to follow directions. Some students wrote concise directions and added pictures and diagrams. Some directions, however, left students guessing! Students really had to THINK in order to write and follow directions! Good Job!
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Good Written Directions

Bryne was successful! His product turned out exactly like the one created in a different class. He created the product by simply following the directions.
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Not-So-Good Written Directions

Carrigan was not successful. The directions left her in a quandary and with a handful of paper.

Kudos to the creator of this product-that is an impressive piece of paper artwork! Just need to work on writing directions!

Mrs. Baird's Algebra 1 class took famous works of art and created systems of equations. Good Job Students!

It's Science-Friction in 5th Grade

CJHS is Gearing UP for UIL

5th and 6th Grade Ready Writing Team

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CISD Chess Club and UIL Team Practicing After School

Maps, Graphs & Charts

Central Junior High School Staff Christmas Luncheon

Monday, December 12th

Fajitas catered by Posados of Lufkin

Christmas Musical

Mrs. Childerss's 5th Grade students will perform for CJHS in cafeteria next Friday @ 9:40 (the program should last about 20-25 minutes). Come and Enjoy the sounds of Christmas!

T-Tess "It's Okay to be where you are; it's not Okay to stay there." Push On!