Amelia Dyer


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What did she do?

Amelia dryer Britain's worst serial killer owned a "Baby Farm". She took in Newborns for mother who couldn't take care of them. She would help find adoptions or let them die from being malnutrition. But eventually started to murder them herself . She killed 200 to 400 babies over her 20 yearsof her taking care of infants. She was convicted and hung in 1896 . two weeks earlier she was convicted for murdering of two babaies. They had been strangled with white tape and wrapped and dumped in a carpet bag.


Her home was crammed with evidence of a hefty trade in infant life – dozens of vaccination papers, vast quantities of tiny clothes and countless pawn tickets for baby clothes. Letters and receipts for newspaper advertisements arranging adoptions were also recovered, indicating that Dyer was operating under several aliases, including Harding and Smith. The most gruesome evidence was the heavy stench of rotting flesh coming from the kitchen pantry and from a trunk under her bed. The police were in little doubt that they had uncovered a baby farm. when police starting the count Amelia told police: “You’ll know all mine by the tape around their necks”
Amelia Dyer Serial Killer