Final project

by: nick spangler


1 - Discuss at least 2 advantages and 2 disadvantages of sharing online


  • People can track you and find you.

  • People know your personal information, when you don't want them to.


  • Connect with people across the nation.

  • Connect with family when you aren't together.

2 - List 3 pieces of personal information that should be kept private online

  • Address

  • Social Security #

  • Relationship

3 - Explain the effect that a negative online post or message might have on someone’s reputation

  • Certain people will bully you for your negative post, or you could be shunned and no one would talk to you if people don't like your post.


1 - What is cyber bullying? Give an example

  • Bullying on the internet, not face-to-face.

    • Ex. being on the computer and making fun of someone's appearance in a way everyone else can see it.

2 - How does cyber bullying typically escalate?

  • One person says something mean and then the other people join in on it and tell other people to join them.

3 - What can the victim do? What can you do to de-escalate a potential cyber bullying situation?

  • The victim can let a trusted adult know, to de-escalate the situation just do not give the bully the attention he wants.



1 - Advertising is almost impossible to avoid. Use two (2) print advertisements (add them to your project) and answer these questions:

    • What are the similarities and differences between these 2 ads?

      • Both ads incorporate sports in some way.

    • What message is the advertiser trying to accomplish?

      • The advertiser is trying to say that they are the better product and they should buy theirs over anyone else's product.

    • What audience is the ad trying to target?

      • The audience is people all over the world any age.


1 - A magazine manipulates a photo of a celebrity for a magazine cover, making her stomach look much thinner than it is in real life. The headline on the cover reads, “Secrets to Staying Slim after having a Baby.” Do you think it is inappropriate or unethical to digitally manipulate photos? Explain your answer.

- Yes I do, because it gives people a false sense of encouragement to say something and know it is nearly impossible to meet those standards.

2 - What effect does the media have on gender stereotypes (such as boys being told to “man up” or girls told to “act like a lady”)?

- The media has a huge impact on how people see themselves and how people want to see themselves.


1 - Sometimes, TV and video games don’t tell the whole story. Violent events occur, and then everyone seems to recover very quickly and live “happily ever after.” What effect does this have on children?

- The effect on children is that they think it is okay to harm someone, because in the game they just come back alive and everything is okay.

2 - Do you agree or disagree with this statement: Violent video games and movies teach kids to kill. Explain your answer.

- No, it does not teach kids to kill. It teaches kids to use strategy to reach their goals. Although killing is the way to get to those goals, kids know the difference between a video game and real life.


1 - If you had to go a week without a device, website, or app, what would be the hardest for you to give up? Why? What would that experience tell you about the role that technology plays in your life?

- Cell phone, I wouldn't be able to communicate with my friends and make plans with them. The experience would tell me a lot about how much technology influences everyone's lives.

2 - Do you think teens feel pressured to present themselves in a certain way online? Why or why not? Is this pressure different for boys than it is for girls?
- Yes, they want to fit in with the "cool kids". Pressure differs with gender, boys have to be tough and strong while girls have to be petite and nice.
Cyber Bullying Virus