from tree to paper

By: Ava Fredericks

What paper is

This article is made out of it. You use it every day . You write with a pencil on it. What is it paper! Have you ever wonderd where it comes from.

Starting with trees

First the paper starts as trees. There are two trees they use Hardwood is one. Softwood is the other. They start in forests. Some forests are just for making paper. They are called tree farms. Next they cut down the tree it is called logging. They cut it with chain saws. Then the logs are loaded on to trucks. To take to the mill to be processed.

Making paper

First the bark is removed and it is made in to mushy pulp. To make pulp you grind the logs. It turns yellow in a while. This happens because the liquid in the tree is called zap. The pulp is dried into sheets. The pulp is mashed with water into a thick mixture called stock. They can add diy to it. Then the stock is put into paper making machine. It presses the stock. Next the fiber sticks to stock that's in the pulp. This makes the sheets of paper. Once it dries they put it into huge rolls. Next they cut it. They can coad it too. They cut it into many pieces.

How They get to the story

First it travels in a truck. Next it is packaged. They put it somewhere to keep it safe. Then it is sold.

Selling Paper

First they get the paper. Next they put the paper into what they want. These are some notebooks or books. Then it can be small amounts or big amounts. Last they put it on the shelf to be bought.
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