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Mexican-American journalist Daniel Hernandez, a regular on Latino USA and the author of Down and Delirious in Mexico City, which chronicles his move from San Diego to Mexico City.

The New Yorker says Daniel finds the unexpected , original, and mysterious.

Now that’s Mexico Uncovered.

The U.S. and Mexico share deep personal, economic, geographic and cultural connections, but our understanding of Mexico is often limited by stereotype and media exaggeration. Mexico Uncovered takes listeners to the Mexico they don’t know -- untold stories rich in sound, place and humanity.

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This one hour special is reported by some of the most talented young journalists working in public radio today, Annie Murphy, Mónica Ortiz Uribe, and Marlon Bishop all of them bilingual and regular contributors to Marketplace, Morning Edition, The World, and Studio 360.

Mexico Uncovered is produced by award-winning public radio veterans Beverley Abel, Leda Hartman and Mary Stucky.

In a groundbreaking collaboration with Mexican reporters and top-tier media outlets in Mexico, these untold stories were also published in Spanish in Mexico.

Here’s a sampling:

We travel to rural Mexico where classrooms are bursting with children born in the United States. For the first time in 40 years, there are as many Mexicans returning home as coming into the U.S. We explore the ways in which Mexican communities are dealing with these new residents from the United States.

Daniel talks with the Mexican scientist, an unlikely advocate, who’s trying to save the environmentally sensitive Cabo Pulmo community in Baja California from Cancun-style development.

We travel to Puebla and the largest auto factory in North America, employing 18,000 people. High-tech manufacturing in Mexico is booming but there’s a long way to go – half of Mexico still lives below the poverty line.

Daniel tastes Mexico’s new farm to table cuisine at a food fair in Mexico City -- proof positive that Mexican food is not just about tacos, burritos and salsa.

We introduce listeners to Mexican artist Pedro Reyes. His studio is full of firearms, thousands of them confiscated by the Mexican police. Reyes fashions these guns into musical instruments – from violins to xylophones -- and he’s formed an ensemble to play them

Those stories and much more in Mexico Uncovered: go here www.mexicouncovered.org to listen to a sample.

Broadcast Details

This special is available via PRX. It’s "evergreen" and can be pegged to key dates.

Day of the Dead (November 1 and 2), Christmas and Easter (when millions of Mexicans travel “home”), March spring break when Americans flock to Mexico’s beach resorts, and Cinco de Mayo.

The immigration debate is expected to heat up this fall, creating a strong news peg.

Support for Mexico Uncovered comes from

the John D and Catherine T MacArthur Foundation.

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