Sport Injury-knee

By hauwa oyebanji

Sport injuries

Sport injuries are injuries that occurs when playing sport or exercising. Sport injuries can occur due to improper equipment, poor training exercises, insufficient warm up and stretching

Knee Injury

Your knee is made up of many important structures, any of which can be injured. The most common knee injuries include fractures around the knee, dislocation, and sprains and tears of soft tissues, like ligaments. In many cases, injuries involve more than one structure in the knee.

Pain and swelling are the most common signs of knee injury. In addition, your knee may catch or lock up.

A dislocation occurs when the bones of the knee are out of place, either completely or partially. the femur and tibia can be forced out of alignment, and the patella can also slip out of place. Dislocations can be caused by an abnormality in the structure of a person's knee. In people who have normal knee structure, dislocations are most often caused by high energy trauma, such as falls, motor vehicle crashes, and sports-related contact.

Ligaments tear can be caused by sudden twisting motion

Types of knee injuries

How to avoid knee injury

  • Warm up before exercise
  • Stretch to increase flexibility
  • Build muscles in order to protect knee
  • Avoid high impact exercises
  • Avoid overtraining
  • Wear and use appropriate sports equipment