Sonya Sones.

By: Breann Gregory


The setting was in Boston and Los Angeles

Have you ever been to place like that? No, i haven't..

Would you like to be in a place or time like that? Yes, because I like warmer weather.

Main character?

It never explained what she looked like...

She liked books. But not the romantic, love story kind.

Does the character change, learn, or grow in the story? Yes.. she changed a lot.. at the beginning of the story she hated her dad because he left her mom whenever she was little.. by the end of the book she didn't hate him any more because she realized he was always there for her.

Would I like to be friends with this character? I'm not sure.. she seems kinda rude..

Other Characters?

The only other characters were Lizzie (her best friend.) Ray (her only real boyfriend.) Colette (a girl she met at her new school.) and Max (another person she met at her school.)

Which characters did you like/dislike?

I liked all of them. I just didn't like the choices some of them made.

What happened at the beginning of the story?

Ruby has to move 3,000 miles from her hometown because her mom died and she's being forced to go live with her dad. She talks about how she wanted to beg her aunt to let her stay but she didn't want to make her feel bad about it. When she finally gets to her dads house she being the rudest person ever. (But who would blame her?)

What happened in the middle of the story?

Things started getting interesting. Lizzie her "best friend" started hanging around her boyfriend Ray.. and they got together. Lizzie's excuse was that she was trying to keep him away from all the other girls at her old school. turns out she just wanted him for herself.

What happened at the end of the story?

Ruby found out that her dad liked other guys. She ended up falling for this guy at her new school. Someone died like right after she moved there and for some random reason she felt like it was all her fault.

What was the problem in the story?

The problem was that she had to move 3,000 miles from her hometown to live with the person she hated. But then she got to realize he didn't leave them for some other girl.

What did I learn from this story?

I learned that even if you have to go live with someone you hate, try to at least pretend to enjoy it.

Theme/main Idea?

I think the main idea was to explain what Ruby did after her mother died.

Do you like this story?

I loved this story. It wasn't like all the other books. It stood out to me.
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