President Andrew Jackson


The Spoils System

Soon after Jackson became president, he would give governmental jobs to people who didn't meat the qualifications but who supported him during the 1828 elections.

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The Abomination Tariff of 1833

In 1833, Jackson created a tariff which led to the north's economy growing, but the southern economy drastically decreased. In result, South Carolina threatened to secede from the US. congress and Jackson made a law called the Force Law which stated that Jackson could force South Carolina to pay the tariff using the army. Henry Clay negotiated with Jackson and South Carolina to lower the tariff to a reasonable price.

Trail of Tears

Gold and fertile land was found in the Cherokee land which caused Americans to pan for gold and slowly settle in their lands. the enraged Cherokees decided to take this to court and John Marshal ruled that the Cherokees should not be pushed off their land and that the Cherokee nation is its own community. Jackson ignored this ruling and pushed the Cherokees and 4 other Native American tribes to the Oklahoma territory.

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The National Bank

This Political Cartoon is explaining that the national bank was too powerful and that Jackson was trying to protect the 'common man' and tried to spread more money to the people.

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Andrew Jackson: Good, Evil, and the Presidency