JS Library Term 1 2016

In review: Connect and Create; Relocation and Refurbishment

Term 1 in Review

2016 - the year has begun with much promise. In January, the long awaited JS Library refurbishment had begun. Being 'homeless' didn't mean we were twiddling our thumbs trying to find things to do. On reflection I believe that this is has been one of the busiest term that I have experienced at the College.

The term has now ended and we have begun to set up the JS Library (just waiting on shelving, furniture delivery and resources). It will be exciting to see the students reactions to the new space.

Read on for just a taste of Term 1 in the JS Library.

Knowing Our Students and Engaging the Learner

Developing a JS HOTS Framework

In connection with a MS/SS Project, I have adapted and developed a framework for implementation in the JS.

In 2016 we will trial with this with Yr 2 teachers (and other interested teachers) as the year progresses. This framework has been adapted from the MS/SS framework and makes connections to the PYP learner profile and attitudes.

ICT Mentoring

Teachers were offered the opportunity to connect were supported with a face to face 30 minute session during 1st break over the course of the term. For some this was a technical 'how to' session and for others it was a pedagogical discussion and brainstorm.

All teachers also connected to OneNote as this is a platform that we will be using collaboratively in 2016.

Additionally, three teachers have expressed interest in being 'Mentored in ICT' this year (establishing goals). Initial meetings have been and these goals will be formalised next term.

The IB Conference Highlights